Photo to Phrensied

(Pho"to) n.; pl. Photos A contraction of Photograph. [Colloq.]

(Pho"to-) A combining form from Gr. fw^s, fwto`s, light; as, photography, phototype, photometer.

(Pho`to*bi*ot"ic) a. [Photo- + biotic.] (Biol.) Requiring light to live; incapable of living without light; as, photobiotic plant cells.

(Pho`to*chem"ic*al) a. [Photo- + chemical.] (Chem.) Of or pertaining to chemical action of light, or produced by it; as, the photochemical changes of the visual purple of the retina.

(Pho`to*chem"is*try) n. [Photo- + chemistry.] (Chem.) The branch of chemistry which relates to the effect of light in producing chemical changes, as in photography.

(Pho`to*chro"mic Pho`to*chro*mat"ic) a. Of or pertaining to photochromy; produced by photochromy.

(Pho*toch"ro*my) n. [Photo- + Gr. color.] The art or process of reproducing colors by photography.

(Pho"to*drome) n. [Photo- + Gr. to run.] (Physics) An apparatus consisting of a large wheel with spokes, which when turning very rapidly is illuminated by momentary flashes of light passing through slits in a rotating disk. By properly timing the succession of flashes the wheel is made to appear to be motionless, or to rotate more or less slowly in either direction.

(Pho`to-e*lec"tric) a. [Photo- + electric.] Acting by the operation of both light and electricity; — said of apparatus for producing pictures by electric light.

(Pho`to-e*lec"tro*type) n. (Print.) An electrotype plate formed in a mold made by photographing on prepared gelatine, etc.

(Pho`to-en*grav"ing) n. [Photo- + engraving.] The process of obtaining an etched or engraved plate from the photographic image, to be used in printing; also, a picture produced by such a process.

(Pho`to-ep"i*nas`ty) n. [See Photo-, and Epinastic.] (Bot.) A disproportionately rapid growth of the upper surface of dorsiventral organs, such as leaves, through the stimulus of exposure to light. Encyc. Brit.

(Pho`to*gal`va*nog"ra*phy) n. [Photo- + galvanography.] The art or process of making photo-electrotypes. Sir D. Brewster.

(Pho"to*gen) n. [Photo- + - gen.] (Chem.) A light hydrocarbon oil resembling kerosene. It is obtained by distilling coal, paraffin, etc., and is used as a lubricant, illuminant, etc. [Written also photogene.]

(Pho"to*gene) n. [See Photogen.]

1. A photograph. [Obsoles.]

2. A more or less continued impression or image on the retina. H. Spencer.

(Pho`to*gen"ic) a. Of or pertaining to photogeny; producing or generating light.

(Pho*tog"e*ny) n. [See Photogen.] See Photography. [Obsoles.]

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