Penetrance to Pennywort

(Pen"e*trance Pen"e*tran*cy) n. The quality or state of being penetrant; power of entering or piercing; penetrating power of quality; as, the penetrancy of subtile effluvia.

(Pen"e*trant) a. [L. penetrans, p. pr. of penetrare: cf. F. pénétrant.] Having power to enter or pierce; penetrating; sharp; subtile; as, penetrant cold. "Penetrant and powerful arguments." Boyle.

(Pen"e*trate) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Penetrated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Penetrating.] [L. penetratus, p. p. of penetrare to penetrate; akin to penitus inward, inwardly, and perh. to pens with, in the power of, penus store of food, innermost part of a temple.]

1. To enter into; to make way into the interior of; to effect an entrance into; to pierce; as, light penetrates darkness.

2. To affect profoundly through the senses or feelings; to touch with feeling; to make sensible; to move deeply; as, to penetrate one's heart with pity. Shak.

The translator of Homer should penetrate himself with a sense of the plainness and directness of Homer's style.
M. Arnold.

3. To pierce into by the mind; to arrive at the inner contents or meaning of, as of a mysterious or difficult subject; to comprehend; to understand.

Things which here were too subtile for us to penetrate.

(Pen"e*trate), v. i. To pass; to make way; to pierce. Also used figuratively.

Preparing to penetrate to the north and west.
J. R. Green.

Born where Heaven's influence scarce can penetrate.

The sweet of life that penetrates so near.

(Pen"e*tra`ting) a.

1. Having the power of entering, piercing, or pervading; sharp; subtile; penetrative; as, a penetrating odor.

2. Acute; discerning; sagacious; quick to discover; as, a penetrating mind.

(Pen"e*tra`ting*ly), adv. In a penetrating manner.

(Pen"e*tra`tion) n. [L. penetratio: cf. F. pénétration.]

1. The act or process of penetrating, piercing, or entering; also, the act of mentally penetrating into, or comprehending, anything difficult.

And to each in ward part,
With gentle penetration, though unseen,
Shoots invisible virtue even to the deep.

A penetration into the difficulties of algebra.

2. Acuteness; insight; sharp discoverment; sagacity; as, a person of singular penetration. Walpole.

Syn. — Discernment; sagacity; acuteness; sharpness; discrimination. See Discernment, and Sagacity.

(Pen"e*tra*tive) a. [Cf. F. pénétratif.]

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