(Pawn"bro`ker) n. One who makes a business of lending money on the security of personal property pledged or deposited in his keeping.

(Pawn"bro`king), n. The business of a pawnbroker.

(Pawn*ee") n. (Law) One or two whom a pledge is delivered as security; one who takes anything in pawn.

(Paw`nees") n. pl.; sing. Pawnee (Ethnol.) A tribe of Indians (called also Loups) who formerly occupied the region of the Platte river, but now live mostly in the Indian Territory. The term is often used in a wider sense to include also the related tribes of Rickarees and Wichitas. Called also Pani.

(Pawn"er Pawn*or") n. (Law) One who pawns or pledges anything as security for the payment of borrowed money or of a debt.

(Paw`paw") n. (Bot.) See Papaw.

(Pax) n. [L. pax peace. See Peace.]

1. (Eccl.) The kiss of peace; also, the embrace in the sanctuary now substituted for it at High Mass in Roman Catholic churches.

2. (R. C. Ch.) A tablet or board, on which is a representation of Christ, of the Virgin Mary, or of some saint and which, in the Mass, was kissed by the priest and then by the people, in mediæval times; an osculatory. It is still used in communities, confraternities, etc.

Kiss the pax, and be quiet like your neighbors.

(Pax"il*lose`) a. [L. paxillus a small stake.] (Geol.) Resembling a little stake.

(||Pax*il"lus) n.; pl. Paxilli [L., a peg.] (Zoöl.) One of a peculiar kind of spines covering the surface of certain starfishes. They are pillarlike, with a flattened summit which is covered with minute spinules or granules. See Illustration in Appendix.

(Pax"wax`) n. [For faxvax, fr. AS. fea hair (akin to OHG. fahs) + weaxan to grow. See Wax to grow, and cf. Faxed, Pectinate.] (Anat.) The strong ligament of the back of the neck in quadrupeds. It connects the back of the skull with dorsal spines of the cervical vertebræ, and helps to support the head. Called also paxywaxy and packwax.

(Pax"y*wax`y) n. (Anat.) See Paxwax.

(Pay) v. t. [OF. peier, fr. L. picare to pitch, i pitch: cf. OF. peiz pitch, F. poix. See Pitch a black substance.] (Naut.) To cover, as bottom of a vessel, a seam, a spar, etc., with tar or pitch, or waterproof composition of tallow, resin, etc.; to smear.

(Pay), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Paid ; p. pr. & vb. n. Paying.] [OE. paien, F. payer, fr. L. pacare to pacify, appease, fr. pax, pacis, peace. See Peace.]

1. To satisfy, or content; specifically, to satisfy (another person) for service rendered, property delivered, etc.; to discharge one's obligation to; to make due return to; to compensate; to remunerate; to recompense; to requite; as, to pay workmen or servants.

May no penny ale them pay [i. e., satisfy].
P. Plowman.

[She] pays me with disdain.

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