2. A shackle for horses while pasturing. Knight.

3. A patten. [Obs.] Dryden.

(Pas*teur"ism) n. [Fr. Pasteur, a French scientist.]

1. A method of treatment, devised by Pasteur, for preventing certain diseases, as hydrophobia, by successive inoculations with an attenuated virus of gradually increasing strength.

2. Pasteurization.

(Pas*teur`i*za"tion) n. A process devised by Pasteur for preventing or checking fermentation in fluids, such as wines, milk, etc., by exposure to a temperature of 140° F., thus destroying the vitality of the contained germs or ferments.

(Pas*teur"ize) v. t.

1. To subject to pasteurization.

2. To treat by pasteurism.

(||Pas*tic"ci*o) n. [It., fr. pasta. See Paste.]

1. A medley; an olio. [R.] H. Swinburne.

2. (Fine Arts) (a) A work of art imitating directly the work of another artist, or of more artists than one. (b) A falsified work of art, as a vase or statue made up of parts of original works, with missing parts supplied.

(Pas"til Pas*tille") n. [F. pastille, L. pastillusa pastus food. See Pasture, and cf. Pastel.]

1. (Pharmacy) A small cone or mass made of paste of gum, benzoin, cinnamon, and other aromatics, — used for fumigating or scenting the air of a room.

2. An aromatic or medicated lozenge; a troche.

3. See Pastel, a crayon.

(Pas"time`) n. [Pass + time: cf. F. passetemps.] That which amuses, and serves to make time pass agreeably; sport; amusement; diversion.

(Pas"time`), v. i. To sport; to amuse one's self. [R.]

(Pas"tor) n. [L., fr. pascere, pastum, to pasture, to feed. Cf. Pabulum, Pasture, Food.]

1. A shepherd; one who has the care of flocks and herds.

2. A guardian; a keeper; specifically (Eccl.), a minister having the charge of a church and parish.

3. (Zoöl.) A species of starling native of the plains of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Its head is crested and glossy greenish black, and its back is rosy. It feeds largely upon locusts.

(Pas"tor*age) n. The office, jurisdiction, or duty, of a pastor; pastorate.

(Pas"tor*al) a. [L. pastoralis: cf. F. pastoral. See Pastor.]

1. Of or pertaining to shepherds; hence, relating to rural life and scenes; as, a pastoral life.

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