Particular average. See under Average.Particular Baptist, one of a branch of the Baptist denomination the members of which hold the doctrine of a particular or individual election and reprobation.Particular

when used merely as an attribute of a noun, without reference to time, is called an adjective, or a participial adjective; as, a written constitution; a rolling stone; the exhausted army. The verbal noun in -ing has the form of the present participle. See Verbal noun, under Verbal, a.

2. Anything that partakes of the nature of different things. [Obs.]

The participles or confines between plants and living creatures.

(Par"ti*cle) n. [L. particula, dim of pars, gen partis, a part: cf. F. particule. See Part, and cf. Parcel.]

1. A minute part or portion of matter; a morsel; a little bit; an atom; a jot; as, a particle of sand, of wood, of dust.

The small size of atoms which unite
To make the smallest particle of light.

2. Any very small portion or part; the smallest portion; as, he has not a particle of patriotism or virtue.

The houses had not given their commissioners authority in the least particle to recede.

3. (R. C. Ch.) (a) A crumb or little piece of concecrated host. (b) The smaller hosts distributed in the communion of the laity. Bp. Fitzpatrick.

4. (Gram.) A subordinate word that is never inflected (a preposition, conjunction, interjection); or a word that can not be used except in compositions; as, ward in backward, ly in lovely.

(Par"ti*col`ored), a. Same as Party-colored.

(Par*tic"u*lar) a. [OE. particuler, F. particulier, L. particularis. See Particle.]

1. Relating to a part or portion of anything; concerning a part separated from the whole or from others of the class; separate; sole; single; individual; specific; as, the particular stars of a constellation. Shak.

[/Make] each particular hair to stand an end,
Like quills upon the fretful porpentine.

Seken in every halk and every herne
Particular sciences for to lerne.

2. Of or pertaining to a single person, class, or thing; belonging to one only; not general; not common; hence, personal; peculiar; singular. "Thine own particular wrongs." Shak.

Wheresoever one plant draweth such a particular juice out of the earth.

3. Separate or distinct by reason of superiority; distinguished; important; noteworthy; unusual; special; as, he brought no particular news; she was the particular belle of the party.

4. Concerned with, or attentive to, details; minute; circumstantial; precise; as, a full and particular account of an accident; hence, nice; fastidious; as, a man particular in his dress.

5. (Law) (a) Containing a part only; limited; as, a particular estate, or one precedent to an estate in remainder. (b) Holding a particular estate; as, a particular tenant. Blackstone.

6. (Logic) Forming a part of a genus; relatively limited in extension; affirmed or denied of a part of a subject; as, a particular proposition; — opposed to universal: e. g. (particular affirmative) Some men are wise; (particular negative) Some men are not wise.

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