Pariah dog(Zoöl.), a mongrel race of half-wild dogs which act as scavengers in Oriental cities.Pariah kite(Zoöl.), a species of kite (Milvus govinda) which acts as a scavenger in India.

(Pa*ri"al) n. See Pair royal, under Pair, n.

(Par"get) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Pargeted; p. pr. & vb. n. Pargeting.] [OE. pargeten, also spargeten, sparchen; of uncertain origin.]

1. To coat with parget; to plaster, as walls, or the interior of flues; as, to parget the outside of their houses. Sir T. Herbert.

The pargeted ceiling with pendants.
R. L. Stevenson.

2. To paint; to cover over. [Obs.]

(Par"get), v. i.

1. To lay on plaster.

2. To paint, as the face. [Obs.] B. Jonson.

(Par"get), n.

1. Gypsum or plaster stone.

2. Plaster, as for lining the interior of flues, or for stuccowork. Knight.

3. Paint, especially for the face. [Obs.] Drayton.

(Par"get*er) n. A plasterer. Johnson.

(Par"get*ing), n. [Written also pargetting.] Plasterwork; esp.: (a) A kind of decorative plasterwork in raised ornamental figures, formerly used for the internal and external decoration of houses. (b) In modern architecture, the plastering of the inside of flues, intended to give a smooth surface and help the draught.

(Par"get*o*ry) n. Something made of, or covered with, parget, or plaster. [Obs.] Milton.

(Par*he"lic) a. Of or pertaining to parhelia.

(Par*hel"ion) n.; pl. Parhelia [L. parelion, Gr. para` beside + the sun.] A mock sun appearing in the form of a bright light, sometimes near the sun, and tinged with colors like the rainbow, and sometimes opposite to the sun. The latter is usually called an anthelion. Often several mock suns appear at the same time. Cf. Paraselene.

(||Par*he"li*um) n. See Parhelion.

(Par"i-) [L. par, paris, equal.] A combining form signifying equal; as, paridigitate, paripinnate.

(Pa"ri*ah) n. [From Tamil paraiyan, pl. paraiyar, one of the low caste, fr. parai a large drum, because they beat the drums at certain festivals.]

1. One of an aboriginal people of Southern India, regarded by the four castes of the Hindoos as of very low grade. They are usually the serfs of the Sudra agriculturalists. See Caste. Balfour

2. An outcast; one despised by society.

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