1. To look down upon from a place that is over or above; to look over or view from a higher position; to rise above, so as to command a view of; as, to overlook a valley from a hill. "The pile o'erlooked the town." Dryden.

[Titan] with burning eye did hotly overlook them.

2. Hence: To supervise; to watch over; sometimes, to observe secretly; as, to overlook a gang of laborers; to overlook one who is writing a letter.

3. To inspect; to examine; to look over carefully or repeatedly. "Overlook this pedigree." Shak.

The time and care that are required
To overlook and file and polish well.

4. To look upon with an evil eye; to bewitch by looking upon; to fascinate. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] Shak.

If you trouble me I will overlook you, and then your pigs will die.
C. Kingsley.

5. To look over and beyond (anything) without seeing it; to miss or omit in looking; hence, to refrain from bestowing notice or attention upon; to neglect; to pass over without censure or punishment; to excuse.

The times of ignorance therefore God overlooked.
Acts xvii. 30 (Rev. Ver. )

They overlook truth in the judgments they pass.

The pardoning and overlooking of faults.

(O"ver*look"er) n. One who overlooks.

(O"ver*loop`) n. See Orlop. [Obs.]

(O"ver*lord`) n. One who is lord over another or others; a superior lord; a master. Freeman.

(O"ver*lord"ship) n. Lordship or supremacy of a person or a people over others. J. R. Green.

(O"ver*loud") a. Too loud; noisy.

(O`ver*love") v. t. To love to excess.

(O"ver*lus"cious) a. Excessively luscious.

(O"ver*lust"y) a. Too lusty, or lively. Shak.

(O"ver*ly), a.

1. Careless; negligent; inattentive; superfical; not thorough. [Archaic] Bp. Hall.

2. Excessive; too much. [R.] Coleridge.

(O"ver*ly), adv. In an overly manner. [Archaic]

(O`ver*ly"ing) a. Lying over or upon something; as, overlying rocks.

(O`ver*mag"ni*fy) v. t. To magnify too much. Bp. Hall.

(O"ver*mal"a*pert) a. Excessively malapert or impudent. [Obs.] Prynne.

(O"ver*man`ner) adv. In an excessive manner; excessively. [Obs.] Wiclif.

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