Oriskany period, a subdivision of the American Paleozoic system intermediate or translational in character between the Silurian and Devonian ages. See Chart of Geology.

(O*ris`mo*log"ic*al) a. (Nat. Hist.) Of or pertaining to orismology.

(O`ris*mol"o*gy) n. [Gr. a marking out by boundaries, the definition of a word + -logy. See Horizon.] That departament of natural history which treats of technical terms.

(Or"i*son) n. [OF. orison, oreson, oreison, F. oraison, fr. L. oratio speech, prayer. See Oration.] A prayer; a supplication. [Poetic] Chaucer. Shak.

Lowly they bowed, adoring, and began
Their orisons, each morning duly paid.

(Or"i*sont) n. Horizon. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Ork) n. (Zoöl.) See Orc.

(Ork"ney*an) a. Of or pertaining to the Orkney islands. "Orkneyan skerries." Longfellow.

(Orle) n. [F. orle an orle, a fillet, fr. LL. orla border, dim. of L. ora border, margin.]

1. (Her.) A bearing, in the form of a fillet, round the shield, within, but at some distance from, the border.

2. (Her.) The wreath, or chaplet, surmounting or encircling the helmet of a knight and bearing the crest.

In orle, round the escutcheon, leaving the middle of the field vacant, or occupied by something else; — said of bearings arranged on the shield in the form of an orle.

(Or"le*ans) n. [So called from the city of Orléans, in France.]

1. A cloth made of worsted and cotton, — used for wearing apparel.

2. A variety of the plum. See under Plum. [Eng.]

(||Or"lo) n. [Sp.] (Mus.) A wind instrument of music in use among the Spaniards.

(Or"lop) n. [D. overloop the upper deck, lit., a running over or overflowing, fr. overloopen to run over. See Over, and Leap, and cf. Overloop.] (Naut.) The lowest deck of a vessel, esp. of a ship of war, consisting of a platform laid over the beams in the hold, on which the cables are coiled.

(Or"mer) n. (Zoöl.) An abalone.

(Or`mo*lu") n. [F. or moulu; or gold (L. aurum) + moulu, p. p. of moudre to grind, to mill, L. molere. See Aureate, and Mill.] A variety of brass made to resemble gold by the use of less zinc and more copper in its composition than ordinary brass contains. Its golden color is often heightened by means of lacquer of some sort, or by use of acids. Called also mosaic gold.

Ormolu varnish, a varnish applied to metals, as brass, to give the appearance of gold.

(O*ri"on) n. [L., fr. Gr. orig., a celebrated hunter in the oldest Greek mythology, after whom this constellation was named.] (Astron.) A large and bright constellation on the equator, between the stars Aldebaran and Sirius. It contains a remarkable nebula visible to the naked eye.

The flaming glories of Orion's belt.
E. Everett.

(O*ris"ka*ny) a. [From Oriskany, in New York.] (Geol.) Designating, or pertaining to, certain beds, chiefly limestone, characteristic of the latest period of the Silurian age.

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