Oval chuck(Mech.), a lathe chuck so constructed that work attached to it, and cut by the turning tool in the usual manner, becomes of an oval form.

(O"val), n. A body or figure in the shape of an egg, or popularly, of an ellipse.

Cassinian oval(Geom.), the locus of a point the product of whose distances from two fixed points is constant; — so called from Cassini, who first investigated the curve. Thus, in the diagram, if P moves so that P A.P B is constant, the point P describes a Cassinian oval. The locus may consist of a single closed line, as shown by the dotted line, or of two equal ovals about the points A and B.

(O`val*bu"min O`val*bu"men) n. [Ovum + albumin.] (Physiol. Chem.) The albumin from white of eggs; egg albumin; — in distinction from serum albumin. See Albumin.

(O*val"i*form) a. [Oval + -form.] Having the form of an egg; having a figure such that any section in the direction of the shorter diameter will be circular, and any in the direction of the longer diameter will be oval.

(O"val*ly) adv. In an oval form.

(O"vant) a. [L. ovans triumphant, p. pr. of ovare to exult.] Exultant. [Obs.] Holland.

(O*va"ri*an O*va"ri*al) a. Of or pertaining to an ovary.

(O*va"ri*ole) n. (Zoöl.) One of the tubes of which the ovaries of most insects are composed.

(O*va`ri*ot"o*mist) n. One who performs, or is skilled in, ovariotomy.

(O*va`ri*ot"o*my) n. [Ovarium + Gr. to cut.] (Surg.) The operation of removing one or both of the ovaries; oöphorectomy.

(O*va"ri*ous) a. Consisting of eggs; as, ovarious food. [R.] Thomson.

(||O`va*ri"tis) n. [NL. See Ovarium, and -itis.] (Med.) Inflammation of the ovaries.

(||O*va"ri*um) n.; pl. L. Ovaria E. Ovariums [NL.] An ovary. See Ovary.

(O"va*ry) n.; pl. Ovaries [NL. ovarium, fr. L. ovum egg: cf. F. ovaire. See Oval.]

(Ou*va"ro*vite) n. [Named from the Russian Count Uvaroff.] (Min.) Chrome garnet.

(Ouze) n. & v. See Ooze. [Obs.]

(Ou"zel) n. (Zoöl.) Same as Ousel.

The mellow ouzel fluted in the elm.

(||O"va) n. pl. See Ovum.

(O"val) a. [F. ovale, fr. L. ovum egg. Cf. Egg, Ovum.]

1. Of or pertaining to eggs; done in the egg, or inception; as, oval conceptions. [Obs.]

2. Having the figure of an egg; oblong and curvilinear, with one end broader than the other, or with both ends of about the same breadth; in popular usage, elliptical.

3. (Bot.) Broadly elliptical.

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