Red orpiment, realgar; the red sulphide of arsenic.Yellow orpiment, king's yellow.

(Or"pin), n. [F., orpiment, also, the plant orpine. See Orpiment.]

1. A yellow pigment of various degrees of intensity, approaching also to red.

2. (Bot.) The orpine.

(Or"pine) n. [F. orpin the genus of plants which includes orpine; — so called from the yellow blossoms of a common species See Orpiment.] (Bot.) A low plant with fleshy leaves having clusters of purple flowers. It is found on dry, sandy places, and on old walls, in England, and has become naturalized in America. Called also stonecrop, and live-forever. [Written also orpin.]

Orphanage to Orthoptera

(Or"phan*age) n.

1. The state of being an orphan; orphanhood; orphans, collectively.

2. An institution or asylum for the care of orphans.

(Or"phan*cy) n. Orphanhood. Sir P. Sidney.

(Or"phan*et) n. A little orphan. Drayton.

(Or"phan*hood) n. The state or condition of being an orphan; orphanage.

(Or"phan*ism) n. Orphanhood. [R.]

(Or`phan*ot"ro*phism) n. The care and support of orphans. [R.] Cotton Mather

(Or`phan*ot"ro*phy) n. [L. orphanotrophium, Gr. an orphan + to feed, bring up.]

1. A hospital for orphans. [R.] A. Chalmers.

2. The act of supporting orphans. [R.]

(Or*pha"ri*on) n. (Mus.) An old instrument of the lute or cittern kind. [Spelt also orpheoreon.]

(Or*phe"an) a. [L. Orphus, Gr. .] Of or pertaining to Orpheus, the mythic poet and musician; as, Orphean strains. Cowper.

(Or"phe*line) n. [F. orphelin. See Orphan.] An orphan. [Obs.] Udcll.

(Or"phe*us) n. [L. Orpheus, Gr. .] (Gr. Myth.) The famous mythic Thracian poet, son of the Muse Calliope, and husband of Eurydice. He is reputed to have had power to entrance beasts and inanimate objects by the music of his lyre.

(Or"phic) a. [L. Orphicus, Gr. .] Pertaining to Orpheus; Orphean; as, Orphic hymns.

(Or"phrey) n. [See Orfrays.] A band of rich embroidery, wholly or in part of gold, affixed to vestments, especially those of ecclesiastics. Pugin.

(Or"pi*ment) n. [F., fr. L. auripigmentum; aurum gold + pigmentum pigment. Cf. Aureate, Pigment, Orpin, Orpine.] (Chem.) Arsenic sesquisulphide, produced artificially as an amorphous lemonyellow powder, and occurring naturally as a yellow crystalline mineral; — formerly called auripigment. It is used in king's yellow, in white Indian fire, and in certain technical processes, as indigo printing.

Our orpiment and sublimed mercurie.

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