Optically active, Optically inactive(Chem. Physics), terms used of certain metameric substances which, while identical with each other in other respects, differ in this, viz., that they do or do not produce right- handed or left-handed circular polarization of light.Optically positive, Optically negative. See under Refraction.

(Op*ti"cian) n. [Cf. F. opticien. See Optic, a.]

1. One skilled in optics. [R.] A. Smith.

2. One who deals in optical glasses and instruments.

(Op"tics) n. [Cf. F. optique, L. optice, Gr. See Optic.] That branch of physical science which treats of the nature and properties of light, the laws of its modification by opaque and transparent bodies, and the phenomena of vision.

(Op"ti*graph) n. [Optic + -graph: cf. F. opticographe. See Optic, a. ] A telescope with a diagonal eyepiece, suspended vertically in gimbals by the object end beneath a fixed diagonal plane mirror. It is used for delineating landscapes, by means of a pencil at the eye end which leaves the delineation on paper.

(Op"ti*ma*cy) n. [Cf. F. optimatie. See Optimate.]

1. Government by the nobility. [R.] Howell.

2. Collectively, the nobility. [R.]

(Op"ti*mate) a. [L. optimas, -atis, adj., optimates, n. pl., the adherents of the best men, the aristocrats, fr. optimus the best.] Of or pertaining to the nobility or aristocracy. [R.] — n. A nobleman or aristocrat; a chief man in a state or city. [R.] Chapman.

(||Op`ti*ma"tes) n. pl. [L. See Optimate.] The nobility or aristocracy of ancient Rome, as opposed to the populares.

(Op"ti*me) n. [L., adv. fr. optimus the best.] One of those who stand in the second rank of honors, immediately after the wranglers, in the University of Cambridge, England. They are divided into senior and junior optimes.

(Op"ti*mism) n. [L. optimus the best; akin to optio choice: cf. F. optimisme. See Option.]

1. (Metaph.) The opinion or doctrine that everything in nature, being the work of God, is ordered for the best, or that the ordering of things in the universe is such as to produce the highest good.

2. A disposition to take the most hopeful view; — opposed to pessimism.

(Op"ti*mist) n. [Cf. F. optimiste.]

1. (Metaph.) One who holds the opinion that all events are ordered for the best.

2. One who looks on the bright side of things, or takes hopeful views; — opposed to pessimist.

(Op`ti*mis"tic) a.

1. (Metaph.) Of or pertaining to optimism; tending, or conforming, to the opinion that all events are ordered for the best.

Optically to Orangeroot

(Op"tic*al*ly), adv. By optics or sight; with reference to optics.

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