Wednesday wherein marriages were formerly solemnized publicly in churches. [Eng.] (c) The time after harvest when the common fields are open to all kinds of stock. [Prov.Eng.] Halliwell. [Written also opentide.]

(O*phel"ic) a. (Chem.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a substance (called ophelic acid) extracted from a plant (Ophelia) of the Gentian family as a bitter yellowish sirup, used in India as a febrifuge and tonic.

(Oph"i*cleide) n. [F. ophicléide, fr. Gr. 'o`fis a serpent + gen. a key. So named because it was in effect the serpent, an old musical instrument, with keys added.] (Mus.) A large brass wind instrument, formerly used in the orchestra and in military bands, having a loud tone, deep pitch, and a compass of three octaves; — now generally supplanted by bass and contrabass tubas. Moore

(||O*phid"i*a) n. pl. [NL., fr. Gr. dim. of 'o`fis a snake.] (Zoöl.) The order of reptiles which includes the serpents.

The most important divisions are: the Solenoglypha, having erectile perforated fangs, as the rattlesnake; the Proteroglypha, or elapine serpents, having permanently erect fang, as the cobra; the Asinea, or colubrine serpents, which are destitute of fangs; and the Opoterodonta, or Epanodonta, blindworms, in which the mouth is not dilatable.

(O*phid"i*an) n. [Cf. F. ophidien.] (Zoöl.) One of the Ophidia; a snake or serpent.

(O*phid"i*an), a. [Cf. F. ophidien.] (Zoöl.) Of or pertaining to the Ophidia; belonging to serpents.

(O*phid"i*oid) a. [Ophidion + -oid.] (Zoöl.) Of or pertaining to the Ophidiidæ, a family of fishes which includes many slender species.n. One of the Ophidiidæ.

(||O*phid"i*on) n.; pl. Ophidia [L., fr. Gr. little snake, fr. 'o`fis a serpent.] (Zoöl.) The typical genus of ophidioid fishes. [Written also Ophidium.] See Illust. under Ophidioid.

(O*phid"i*ous) a. Ophidian.

(O`phi*ol"a*try) n. [Gr. 'o`fis serpent + worship.] The worship of serpents.

(O`phi*o*log"ic O`phi*o*log"ic*al) a. Of or pertaining to ophiology.

(O`phi*ol"o*gist) n. One versed in the natural history of serpents.

(O`phi*ol"o*gy) n. [Gr. 'o`fis a serpent + -logy: cf.F. ophioloqie.] That part of natural history which treats of the ophidians, or serpents.

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