Ocellated turkey(Zoöl.), the wild turkey of Central America

(||O*cel"lus) n.; pl. Ocelli [L., dim. of oculus an eye.] (Zoöl.) (a) A little eye; a minute simple eye found in many invertebrates. (b) An eyelike spot of color, as those on the tail of the peacock.

(O"ce*loid) a. [Ocelot + - oid.] (Zoöl.) Resembling the ocelot.

(O"ce*lot) n. [Mexican ocelotl.] (Zoöl.) An American feline carnivore It ranges from the Southwestern United States to Patagonia. It is covered with blackish ocellated spots and blotches, which are variously arranged. The ground color varies from reddish gray to tawny yellow.

(O"cher, O"chre) n. [F. ocre, L. ochra, fr. Gr. from pale, pale yellow.] (Min.) (a) A impure earthy ore of iron or a ferruginous clay, usually red (hematite) or yellow — used as a pigment in making paints, etc. The name is also applied to clays of other colors. (b) A metallic oxide occurring in earthy form; as, tungstic ocher or tungstite.

(O"cher*ous, O"chre*ous) a. [Cf. F. ocreux.] Of or pertaining to ocher; containing or resembling ocher; as, ocherous matter; ocherous soil.

(O"cher*y) a. Ocherous. [Written also ochrey, ochry.]

(Och`i*my) n. [Obs.] See Occamy.

(||Och*le"sis) n. [NL., fr. Gr. disturbance, fr. crowd, mob.] (Med.) A general morbid condition induced by the crowding together of many persons, esp. sick persons, under one roof. G. Gregory.

(Och*loc"ra*cy) n. [Gr. the populace, multitude + to be strong, to rule, strength: cf.F. ochlocratie.] A form of government by the multitude; a mobocracy. Hare.

(Och`lo*crat`ic Och`lo*crat`ic*al) a. Of or pertaining to ochlocracy; having the form or character of an ochlocracy; mobocratic.

Oceanic to Octopodia

(O`ce*an"ic) a. [Cf.F. océanique. See Ocean.]

1. Of or pertaining to the ocean; found or formed in or about, or produced by, the ocean; frequenting the ocean, especially mid- ocean.

Petrels are the most aërial and oceanic of birds.

2. Of or pertaining to Oceania or its inhabitants.

(O`cean*og"ra*phy) n. [Ocean + -graphy.] A description of the ocean.

(O`cean*ol"o*gy) n. [Ocean + -logy.] That branch of science which relates to the ocean.

(||O*ce"a*nus) n. [L., from Gr. .] (Gr.Myth.) The god of the great outer sea, or the river which was believed to flow around the whole earth.

(O*cel"la*ry) a. Of or pertaining to ocelli.

(O*cel"late) a. Same as Ocellated.

(O*cel"la*ted) a. [L. ocellatus, fr. ocellus a little eye, dim. of oculus an eye.]

1. Resembling an eye.

2. Marked with eyelike spots of color; as, the ocellated blenny.

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