Gray nuns(R. C. Ch.), the members of a religious order established in Montreal in 1745, whence branches were introduced into the United States in 1853; — so called from the color or their robe, and known in religion as Sisters of Charity of Montreal.Nun buoy. See under Buoy.

(Nun"chion) n. [OE. nonechenche, for noneschenche, prop., a noon drink; none noon + schenchen, schenken, skinken, to pour, AS. scencan. See Noon, and Skink, v. i.] A portion of food taken at or after noon, usually between full meals; a luncheon. [Written also noonshun.] Hudibras.

(Nun"ci*ate) n. One who announces; a messenger; a nuncio. [Obs.] Hoole.

(Nun"ci*a*ture) n. [L. nunciare, nuntiare, to announce, report, fr. nuncius, nuntius, messenger: cf. F. nonciature, It. nunziatura. See Nuncio.] The office of a nuncio. Clarendon.

(Nun"ci*o) n.; pl. Nuncios [It. nunzio, nuncio, fr. L. nuncius, nuntius, messenger; perh. akin to novus new, E. new, and thus, one who brings news. Cf. Announce.]

1. A messenger. [Obs.] Shak.

2. The permanent official representative of the pope at a foreign court or seat of government. Distinguished from a legate a latere, whose mission is temporary in its nature, or for some special purpose. Nuncios are of higher rank than internuncios.

(||Nun"ci*us) n.; pl. Nuncii [L.] (Roman & Old Eng. Law) (a) A messenger. (b) The information communicated.

(Nun"cu*pate) v. t. [L. nuncupatus, p. p. of nuncupare to nuncupate, prob. fr. nomen name + capere to take.]

(Num`mu*la"tion) n. (Physiol.) The arrangement of the red blood corpuscles in rouleaux, like piles of coins, as when a drop of human blood is examined under the microscope.

(Num"mu*lite) n. [L. nummus a coin + -lite: cf. F. nummulite.] (Paleon.) A fossil of the genus Nummulites and allied genera.

(||Num`mu*li"tes) n. [NL. See Nummulite.] (Paleon.) A genus of extinct Tertiary Foraminifera, having a thin, flat, round shell, containing a large number of small chambers arranged spirally.

(Num`mu*lit"ic) a. Of, like, composed of, containing, nummulites; as, nummulitic beds.

(Numps) n. [Cf. Numb.] A dolt; a blockhead. [Obs.] Bp. Parker.

(Num"skull`) n. [Numb + skull.] A dunce; a dolt; a stupid fellow. [Colloq.]

They have talked like numskulls.

(Num"skulled`) a. Stupid; doltish. [Colloq.]

(Nun) n. [OE. nunne, AS. nunne, fr. L. nonna nun, nonnus monk; cf. Gr. of unknown origin. Cf. Nunnery.]

1. A woman devoted to a religious life, who lives in a convent, under the three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

They holy time is quiet as a nun
Breathless with adoration.

2. (Zoöl.) (a) A white variety of domestic pigeons having a veil of feathers covering the head. (b) The smew. (c) The European blue titmouse.

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