(Nome), n. [Cf. Binomial.] (Alg.) [Obs.] See Term.

(Nome, No"men) , obs. p. p. of Nim. Chaucer.

(No"men*cla`tor) n. [L., fr. nomen name + calare to call. See Name, and Calendar.]

1. One who calls persons or things by their names.

In Rome, candidates for office were attended each by a nomenclator, who informed the candidate of the names of the persons whom they met and whose votes it was desirable to solicit.

2. One who gives names to things, or who settles and adjusts the nomenclature of any art or science; also, a list or vocabulary of technical names.

(No"men*cla`tress) n. A female nomenclator.

(No`men*cla"tur*al) a. Pertaining or according to a nomenclature.

(No"men*cla`ture) n. [L. nomenclatura: cf. F. nomenclature. See Nomenclator.]

1. A name. [Obs.] Bacon.

2. A vocabulary, dictionary, or glossary. [R.]

3. The technical names used in any particular branch of science or art, or by any school or individual; as, the nomenclature of botany or of chemistry; the nomenclature of Lavoisier and his associates.

(No"mi*al) n. [Cf. Binomial.] (Alg.) A name or term.

(Nom"ic) a. [Gr. fr. a law, custom.] Customary; ordinary; — applied to the usual English spelling, in distinction from strictly phonetic methods. H Sweet.n. Nomic spelling. A. J. Ellis.

(Nom"i*nal) a. [L. nominalis, fr. nomen, nominis, name. See Name.]

1. Of or pertaining to a name or names; having to do with the literal meaning of a word; verbal; as, a nominal definition. Bp. Pearson.

2. Existing in name only; not real; as, a nominal difference. "Nominal attendance on lectures." Macaulay.

(Nom"i*nal), n.

1. A nominalist. [Obs.] Camden.

2. (Gram.) A verb formed from a noun.

3. A name; an appellation.

A is the nominal of the sixth note in the natural diatonic scale.
Moore (Encyc. of Music. )

(Nom"i*nal*ism) n. The principles or philosophy of the Nominalists.

(Nom"i*nal*ist), n. (Metaph.) One of a sect of philosophers in the Middle Ages, who adopted the opinion of Roscelin, that general conceptions, or universals, exist in name only. Reid.

(Nom`i*nal*is"tic) a. Of or pertaining to the Nominalists.

(Nom"i*nal*ize) v. t. To convert into a noun. [Obs.]

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