Negro bug(Zoöl.), a minute black bug common on the raspberry and blackberry. It produced a very disagreeable flavor.negro corn, the Indian millet or durra; — so called in the West Indies. see Durra. McElrath.

Negro fly(Zoöl.), a black dipterous fly (Psila rosæ) which, in the larval state, is injurious to carrots; — called also carrot fly.Negro head(Com.), Cavendish tobacco. [Cant] McElrath.

Negro monkey(Zoöl.), the moor monkey.

(Ne"groid) a. [Negro + - oid.]

1. Characteristic of the negro.

2. Resembling the negro or negroes; of or pertaining to those who resemble the negro.

(Ne"gro*loid) a. See Negroid.

(Ne"gus) n. A beverage made of wine, water, sugar, nutmeg, and lemon juice; — so called, it is said, from its first maker, Colonel Negus.

(||Ne"hi*loth) n. pl. [Heb.] (Script.) A term supposed to mean, perforated wind instruments of music, as pipes or flutes. Ps. v.

(Ne*hush"tan) n. [Heb.] A thing of brass; — the name under which the Israelites worshiped the brazen serpent made by Moses. 2 Kings xviii. 4.

(Neif, Neife) n. [OF. neïf, naïf, a born serf, fr. L. nativus born, imparted by birth. See Native.] A woman born in the state of villeinage; a female serf. Blackstone.

(Neif, Neaf) n. [Icel. hnefi; akin to Dan. næve, Sw. näfve.] The fist. [Obs.] "I kiss thy neif." "Give me your neaf." Shak.

(Ne*go`ti*os"i*ty) n. [L. negotiositas.] The state of being busy; multitude of business. [Obs.]

(Ne*go"tious) a. [L. negotiosus.] Very busy; attentive to business; active. [R.] D. Rogers.

(Ne*go"tious*ness), n. The state of being busily occupied; activity. [R.] D. Rogers.

(Ne"gress) n.; pl. Negresses [Cf. F. négrese, fem. of négre a negro. See Negro.] A black woman; a female negro.

(||Ne*gri"ta) n. [Sp., blackish, fem. of negrito, dim. of negro black.] (Zoöl.) A blackish fish (Hypoplectrus nigricans), of the Sea-bass family. It is a native of the West Indies and Florida.

(Ne*grit"ic) a. Of or pertaining to negroes; composed of negroes. Keary.

(Ne*gri"tos) n. pl.; sing Negrito [Sp., dim. of negro black.] (Ethnol.) A degraded Papuan race, inhabiting Luzon and some of the other east Indian Islands. They resemble negroes, but are smaller in size. They are mostly nomads.

(Ne"gro) n.; pl. Negroes [Sp. or Pg. negro, fr. negro black, L. niger; perh. akin to E. night.] A black man; especially, one of a race of black or very dark persons who inhabit the greater part of tropical Africa, and are distinguished by crisped or curly hair, flat noses, and thick protruding lips; also, any black person of unmixed African blood, wherever found.

(Ne"gro), a. Of or pertaining to negroes; black.

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