Natch bone, the edgebone, or aitchbone, in beef.

(Natch"ez) n. pl. (Ethnol.) A tribe of Indians who formerly lived near the site of the city of Natchez, Mississippi. In 1729 they were subdued by the French; the survivors joined the Creek Confederacy.

(Natch"nee) n. (Bot.) An annual grass cultivated in India as a food plant.

(||Na"tes) n. pl. [L., the buttocks.]

1. (Anat.) (a) The buttocks. (b) The two anterior of the four lobes on the dorsal side of the midbrain of most mammals; the anterior optic lobes.

2. (Zoöl.) The umbones of a bivalve shell.

(Nath) [Contr. fr. ne hath,] hath not. [Obs.]

(Nath"less) adv. [OE. natheles, na the les, not the less, AS. na never. See Na, The, conj., and cf. Nevertheless.] Nevertheless. [Archaic] Chaucer. Milton. E. Arnold.

Natalitial to Natural

(Na`ta*li"tial Na`ta*li"tious) , a. [L. natalitius, from natalis. See Natal.] Of or pertaining to one's birth or birthday, or one's nativity. [Obs.] "Natalitial poplar." Evelyn. "Natalitious fire." W. Cartwright.

(Na*tal"o*in) n. [From Natal aloes.] (Chem.) A bitter crystalline substance constituting the essential principle of Natal aloes. Cf. Aloon.

Natal plum
(Na*tal" plum`) (Bot.) The drupaceous fruit of two South African shrubs of the genus Arduina (A. bispinosa and A. grandiflora).

(Na"tals) n. pl. One's birth, or the circumstances attending it. [Obs.] Fitz- Geffry.

(Na"tant) a. [L. natans, - antis, from swim, v. intens. fr. nare to swim: cf. F. natant.]

1. (Bot.) Floating in water, as the leaves of water lilies, or submersed, as those of many aquatic plants.

2. (Her.) Placed horizontally across the field, as if swimming toward the dexter side; said of all sorts of fishes except the flying fish.

(Na"tant*ly) adv. In a floating manner; swimmingly.

(Na*ta"tion) n. [L. natatio, fr. natare to swim: cf. F. natation. See Natant.] The act of floating on the water; swimming. Sir T. Browne.

(||Na`ta*to"res) n. pl. [L. natator a swimmer.] (Zoöl.) The swimming birds.

They were formerly united into one order, which is now considered an artificial group.

(Na`ta*to"rial) a. Inclined or adapted to swim; swimming; as, natatorial birds.

(Na`ta*to"ri*ous) a. (Zoöl.) Adapted for swimming; — said of the legs of certain insects.

(||Na`ta*to"rium) n. [L.] A swimming bath.

(Na"ta*to*ry) a. [L. natatorius.] Adapted for swimming or floating; as, natatory organs.

(Natch) n. [OF. nache fesse, LL. natica, from L. natis the rump, buttocks. Cf. Aitchbone.] The rump of beef; esp., the lower and back part of the rump.

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