Mycose to Myrmidon

(My"cose) n. [Gr. my`khs a mushroom.] (Chem.) A variety of sugar, isomeric with sucrose and obtained from certain lichens and fungi. Called also trehalose. [Written also mykose.]

(||Myc"o*thrix) n. [NL., fr. Gr. (spurious) my`khs mucus (L. mucus) + qri`x, tricho`s, hair.] (Biol.) The chain of micrococci formed by the division of the micrococci in multiplication.

(My*da"le*ine) n. [Gr. myda^n to be clammy ] (Physiol. Chem.) A toxic alkaloid (ptomaine) obtained from putrid flesh and from herring brines. As a poison it is said to execute profuse diarrhœa, vomiting, and intestinal inflammation. Brieger.

(Myd`a*tox"in) n. [Gr. myda^n to be clammy (from decay) + toxic + in.] (Physiol. Chem.) A poisonous amido acid, C6H13NO2, separated by Brieger from decaying horseflesh. In physiological action, it is similar to curare.

(||Myd"a*us) n. [NL., fr. Gr. myda^n to be clammy or damp.] (Zoöl.) The teledu.

(||My*dri"a*sis) n. [L., fr. Gr. .] (Physiol. & Med.) A long-continued or excessive dilatation of the pupil of the eye.

(Myd`ri*at"ic) a. Causing dilatation of the pupil.n. A mydriatic medicine or agent, as belladonna.

(||My`e*len*ceph"a*la) n. pl. [NL. See Myelencephalon.] (Zoöl.) Same as Vertebrata.

(My`e*len`ce*phal"ic) a. (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the myelencephalon; cerebro- spinal.

(||My`e*len*ceph"a*lon) n. [NL., from Gr. myelo`s marrow + E. encephalon.] (Anat.) (a) The brain and spinal cord; the cerebro-spinal axis; the neuron. Sometimes abbreviated to myelencephal. (b) The metencephalon. Huxley.

(My`e*len*ceph"a*lous) a. (Zoöl.) Of or pertaining to the Myelencephala.

(My"e*lin) n. (Physiol. Chem.) (a) A soft white substance constituting the medullary sheaths of nerve fibers, and composed mainly of cholesterin, lecithin, cerebrin, albumin, and some fat. (b) One of a group of phosphorized principles occurring in nerve tissue, both in the brain and nerve fibers.

(||My`e*li"tis) n. [NL., from Gr. myelo`s marrow + -itis.] (Med.) Inflammation of the spinal marrow or its membranes.

(My"e*lo*cœle`) n. [Gr. myelo`s marrow + koi^los hollow.] (Anat.) The central canal of the spinal cord.

(My`e*lo*gen"ic) a. [Gr. myelo`s marrow + the root of to be born.] (Physiol.) Derived from, or pertaining to, the bone marrow.

(My"e*loid) a. [Gr. myelo`s marrow + -oid.] Resembling marrow in appearance or consistency; as, a myeloid tumor.

(My`e*loid"in) n. [Myelin + -oid + -in.] (Physiol. Chem.) A substance, present in the protoplasm of the retinal epithelium cells, and resembling, if not identical with, the substance (myelin) forming the medullary sheaths of nerve fibers.

(||My"e*lon) n. [NL., fr. Gr. myelo`s marrow.] (Anat.) The spinal cord. (Sometimes abbrev. to myel.)

(My"e*lo`nal) a. (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the myelon; as, the myelonal, or spinal, nerves.

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