Mumble to Mural

(Mum"ble) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Mumbled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Mumbling ] [OE. momelen; cf. D. mompelen, mommelen, G. mummelen, Sw. mumla, Dan. mumle. Cf. Mum, a., Mumm, Mump, v.]

1. To speak with the lips partly closed, so as to render the sounds inarticulate and imperfect; to utter words in a grumbling indistinct manner, indicating discontent or displeasure; to mutter.

Peace, you mumbling fool.

A wrinkled hag, with age grown double,
Picking dry sticks, and mumbling to herself.

2. To chew something gently with closed lips.

(Mum"ble) v. t.

1. To utter with a low, inarticulate voice. Bp. Hall.

2. To chew or bite gently, as one without teeth.

Gums unarmed, to mumble meat in vain.

3. To suppress, or utter imperfectly.

(Mum"ble*news`) n. A talebearer. [Obs.]

(Mum"bler) n. One who mumbles.

(Mum"bling) a. Low; indistinct; inarticulate.Mum"bling*ly, adv.

Mumbo Jumbo
(Mum"bo Jum`bo) An object of superstitious homage and fear. Carlyle.

The miserable Mumbo Jumbo they paraded.

(Mum"-chance`) n.

1. A game of hazard played with cards in silence. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] Decker.

2. A silent, stupid person. [Prov. Eng.] Halliwell.

(Mum"-chance`), a. Silent and idle. [Colloq.]

Boys can't sit mum-chance always.
J. H. Ewing.

(Mumm) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Mummed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Mumming.] [D. mimmen to mask, mom a mask; akin to G. mumme disguise; prob. of imitative origin, and akin to E. mum, mumble, in allusion to the indistinctness of speech occasioned by talking from behind a mask. Cf. Mumble, Mummery.] To sport or make diversion in a mask or disguise; to mask.

With mumming and with masking all around.

(Mumm"er) n. [Cf. OF. mommeur. See Mumm, and cf. Momier.] One who mumms, or makes diversion in disguise; a masker; a buffon.

Jugglers and dancers, antics, mummers.

(Mum"mer*y) n.; pl. Mummeries [F. momerie, of Dutch or German origin. See Mumm.]

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