Mulberry mass. (Biol.) See Morula.Paper mulberry, a tree related to the true mulberry, used in Polynesia for making tapa cloth by macerating and pounding the inner bark, and in China and Japan for the manufacture of paper. It is seen as a shade tree in America.

(Mul"ber*ry-faced`) a. Having a face of a mulberry color, or blotched as if with mulberry stains.

(Mulch) n. [Cf. mull dirt, also Prov. G. mulsch, molsch, rotten, soft, mellow, as fruit.] Half- rotten straw, or any like substance strewn on the ground, as over the roots of plants, to protect from heat, drought, etc., and to preserve moisture.

(Mulch), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Mulched ; p. pr. & vb. n. Mulching.] To cover or dress with mulch.

(Mulct) n. [L. mulcta, multa.]

1. A fine or penalty, esp. a pecuniary punishment or penalty.

2. A blemish or defect. [Obs.]

Syn. — Amercement; forfeit; forfeiture; penalty.

(Mulct), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Mulcted; p. pr. & vb. n. Mulcting.] [L. mulctare, multare.]

1. To punish for an offense or misdemeanor by imposing a fine or forfeiture, esp. a pecuniary fine; to fine.

2. Hence, to deprive of; to withhold by way of punishment or discipline. [Obs.]

(Mulc"ta*ry Mulc"tu*a*ry) a. Imposing a pecuniary penalty; consisting of, or paid as, a fine.

Fines, or some known mulctuary punishments.
Sir W. Temple.

(Mule) n. [F., a she-mule, L. mula, fem. of mulus; cf. Gr. my`klos, mychlo`s. Cf. AS. mul, fr. L. mulus. Cf. Mulatto.]

Muhammadan to Multifold

(Mu*ham"mad*an Mu*ham"med*an) a. & n. Mohammedan.

(Mu*ham"mad*an*ism) n. Mohammedanism.

(||Mu*la"da) n. A moor. [Scot.] Lockhart.

(||Mu*la"da) n. [Sp. Amer., fr. Sp. mulo, mula, a mule.] A drove of mules. [Southwest. U.S.]

(Mu*lat"to) n.; pl. Mulattoes [Sp. & Pg. mulato, masc., mulata, fem., of a mixed breed, fr. mulo mule, L. mulus. See Mule.] The offspring of a negress by a white man, or of a white woman by a negro, — usually of a brownish yellow complexion.

(Mu*lat"tress), n. A female mulatto. G. W. Gable.

(Mul"ber*ry) n.; pl. Mulberries [OE. moolbery, murberie, AS. murberie, where the first part is fr. L. morum mulberry; cf. Gr. . Cf. Murrey, Sycamore.]

1. (Bot.) The berry or fruit of any tree of the genus Morus; also, the tree itself. See Morus.

2. A dark pure color, like the hue of a black mulberry.

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