Great morel, the deadly nightshade.Petty morel, the black nightshade. See Nightshade.

(More"land) n. Moorland.

(Mo*relle") n. [F., orig. fem. of moreau black, OF. morel, fr. LL. morellus. Cf. Morello, Murrey.] (Bot.) Nightshade. See 2d Morel.

(Mo*rel"lo) n. [Cf. It. morello blackish, OF. morel. Cf. Morelle.] (Bot.) A kind of nearly black cherry with dark red flesh and juice, — used chiefly for preserving.

(||Mo*ren"do) a. & n. [It.] (Mus.) Dying; a gradual decrescendo at the end of a strain or cadence.

(More"ness) n. Greatness. [Obs.] Wyclif.

(More*o"ver) adv. [More + over.] Beyond what has been said; further; besides; in addition; furthermore; also; likewise.

Moreover, he hath left you all his walks.

Syn.Besides, Moreover. Of the two words, moreover is the stronger and is properly used in solemn discourse, or when what is added is important to be considered. See Besides.

(More"pork`) n. [So named from its cry.] (Zoöl.) The Australian crested goatsucker Also applied to other allied birds, as Podargus Cuveiri.

(Mo*resk") a. & n. Moresque. [Obs.]

(Mo*resque") a. [F., fr. It. moresco, or Sp. morisco. See Morris.] Of or pertaining to, or in the manner or style of, the Moors; Moorish.n. The Moresque style of architecture or decoration. See Moorish architecture, under Moorish. [Written also mauresque.]

(Mor`ga*nat"ic) a. [LL. matrimonium ad morganaticam, fr. morganatica a morning gift, a kind of dowry paid on the morning before or after the marriage, fr. OHG. morgan morning, in morgangeba morning gift, G. morgengabe. See Morn.] Pertaining to, in the manner of, or designating, a kind of marriage, called also left-handed marriage, between a man of superior rank and a woman of inferior, in which it is stipulated that neither the latter nor her children shall enjoy the rank or inherit the possessions of her husband. Brande & C.Mor`ga*nat"ic*al*ly adv.

(Mor"gay) n. [W. morgi dogfish, shark; mor sea + ci dog.] (Zoöl.) The European small-spotted dogfish, or houndfish. See the Note under Houndfish.

(Mor"glay) n. [Cf. Claymore.] A sword. [Obs.] Beau. & Fl.

(Morgue) n. [F.] A place where the bodies of persons found dead are exposed, that they may be identified, or claimed by their friends; a deadhouse.

Moreen to Morpho

(Mo*reen") n. [Cf. Mohair.] A thick woolen fabric, watered or with embossed figures; — used in upholstery, for curtains, etc.

(Mor"el) n. [See Moril.] (Bot.) An edible fungus the upper part of which is covered with a reticulated and pitted hymenium. It is used as food, and for flavoring sauces. [Written also moril.]

(Mor"el), n. [See Morelle.] (Bot.)

1. Nightshade; — so called from its blackish purple berries. [Written also morelle.]

2. A kind of cherry. See Morello.

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