(Mon"strous*ness), n. The state or quality of being monstrous, unusual, extraordinary. Shak.

(Mon`stru*os"i*ty) n. Monstrosity. [Obs.] Shak.

(Mon"stru*ous) a. Monstrous. [Obs.]

(||Mont) n. [F. See Mount, n.] Mountain.

(Mon"taigne) n. A mountain. [Obs.]

(Mon*tan"ic) a. [L. montanus, fr. mons, montis, mountain. See Mount, n.] Of or pertaining to mountains; consisting of mountains.

(Mon"ta*nist) n. (Eccl. Hist.) A follower of Mintanus, a Phrygian enthusiast of the second century, who claimed that the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, dwelt in him, and employed him as an instrument for purifying and guiding men in the Christian life.Mon`ta*nis"tic Mon`ta*nis"tic*al a.

(Mon"tant) n. [F.,prop., mounting, fr. monter to mount, fr. L. mons, montis, mountain. See Mount.]

1. (Fencing) An upward thrust or blow. Shak.

2. (Arch.) An upright piece in any framework; a mullion or muntin; a stile. [R.] See Stile.

Mont de piété
(||Mont" de pi`é`té") [F., fr. It. monte di pietà mount of piety.] One of certain public pawnbroking establishments which originated in Italy in the 15th century, the object of which was to lend money at a low rate of interest to poor people in need; — called also mount of piety. The institution has been adopted in other countries, as in Spain and France. See Lombard-house.

(||Mon"te) n. [Sp., lit., mountain, hence, the stock of cards remaining after laying out a certain number, fr. L. mons, montis, mountain.] A favorite gambling game among Spaniards, played with dice or cards.

(Monte`-ac"id) n. [F. monter to raise + acide acid.] (Chem.) An acid elevator, as a tube through which acid is forced to some height in a sulphuric acid manufactory.

(Mon*teith") n. See Monteth.

(Mon"tem) n. [L. ad montem to the hillock. See Mount, n.] A custom, formerly practiced by the scholars at Eton school, England, of going every third year, on Whittuesday, to a hillock near the Bath road, and exacting money from all passers-by, to support at the university the senior scholar of the school.

(Mon*te"ro) n. [Sp. montera a hunting cap, fr. montero a huntsman, monte a mountain, forest, L. mons, montis, mountain. See Mount, n.] An ancient kind of cap worn by horsemen or huntsmen. Bacon.

(Mon*teth" Mon*teith") , n. A vessel in which glasses are washed; — so called from the name of the inventor.

New things produce new words, and thus Monteth
Has by one vessel saved his name from death.

(||Mont`gol"fier) n. A balloon which ascends by the buoyancy of air heated by a fire; a fire balloon; — so called from two brothers, Stephen and Joseph Montgolfier, of France, who first constructed and sent up a fire balloon.

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