The Company of Moneyers, the officials who formerly coined the money of Great Britain, and who claimed certain prescriptive rights and privileges.

(Mon"ey*less), a. Destitute of money; penniless; impecunious. Swift.

(Mon"ey-mak`er) n.

1. One who coins or prints money; also, a counterfeiter of money. [R.]

2. One who accumulates money or wealth; specifically, one who makes money-getting his governing motive.

(Mon"ey-mak`ing), n. The act or process of making money; the acquisition and accumulation of wealth.

Obstinacy in money-making.

(Mon"ey-mak`ing), a.

1. Affording profitable returns; lucrative; as, a money- making business.

2. Successful in gaining money, and devoted to that aim; as, a money-making man.

(Mon"ey*wort`) n. (Bot.) A trailing plant with rounded opposite leaves and solitary yellow flowers in their axils.

(Mong"corn`) n. See Mangcorn.

(Mon"ger) n. [AS. mangere, fr. mangian to trade; akin to Icel. manga to trade, mangari a trader, OHG. mangari, mengari; cf. L. mango a dealer in slaves.]

1. A trader; a dealer; — now used chiefly in composition; as, fishmonger, ironmonger, newsmonger.

Moneyage to Monoceros

(Mon"ey*age) n. [Cf. F. monnayage coinage.]

1. A tax paid to the first two Norman kings of England to prevent them from debashing the coin. Hume.

2. Mintage; coinage. [Obs.]

(Mon"eyed) adv.

1. Supplied with money; having money; wealthy; as, moneyed men. Bacon.

2. Converted into money; coined.

If exportation will not balance importation, away must your silver go again, whether moneyed or not moneyed.

3. Consisting in, or composed of, money. A. Hamilton.

(Mon"ey*er) n. [From Money; cf. OF. monoier, F. monnoayeur, L. monetarius a master of the mint. Cf. Monetary.]

1. A person who deals in money; banker or broker. [Obs. or R.]

2. An authorized coiner of money. Sir M. Hale.

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