Black oxide of manganese, Manganese dioxide or peroxide, orBlack manganese(Chem.), a heavy black powder MnO2, occurring native as the mineral pyrolusite, and valuable as a strong oxidizer; — called also familiarly manganese. It colors glass violet, and is used as a decolorizer to remove the green tint of impure glass.Manganese bronze, an alloy made by adding from one to two per cent of manganese to the copper and zinc used in brass.

(Man`ga*ne"sian) a. [Cf. F. manganésien.] (Chem.) Manganic. [R.]

(Man`ga*ne"sic) a. [Cf. F. manganésique.] (Chem.) Manganic. [Obs.]

(Man`ga*ne"sious) a. (Chem.) Manganous.

(Man`ga*ne"si*um) n. [NL.] Manganese.

(Man`ga*ne"sous) a. (Chem.) Manganous.

(Man`gan"ic) a. [Cf. F. manganique.] (Chem.) Of, pertaining to resembling, or containing, manganese; specif., designating compounds in which manganese has a higher valence as contrasted with manganous compounds. Cf. Manganous.

Manganic acid, an acid, H2MnO4, formed from manganese, analogous to sulphuric acid.

(Man`ga*nif"er*ous) a. [Manganese + -ferous.] Containing manganese.

(Man"ga*nite) n.

1. (Min.) One of the oxides of manganese; — called also gray manganese ore. It occurs in brilliant steel-gray or iron- black crystals, also massive.

2. (Chem.) A compound of manganese dioxide with a metallic oxide; so called as though derived from the hypothetical manganous acid.

(Man*ga"ni*um) n. [NL.] Manganese.

(Man"ga*nous) a. (Chem.) Of, pertaining to, designating, those compounds of manganese in which the element has a lower valence as contrasted with manganic compounds; as, manganous oxide.

Manganous acid, a hypothetical compound analogous to sulphurous acid, and forming the so-called manganites.

(Mang"corn`) n. [OE. mengen to mix. See Mingle, and Corn.] A mixture of wheat and rye, or other species of grain. [Prov Eng.]

(Mange) n. [See Mangy.] (Vet.) The scab or itch in cattle, dogs, and other beasts.

Manganesate to Manifolded

(Man`ga*ne"sate) n. (Chem.) A manganate. [Obs.]

(Man`ga*nese") n. [F. manganèse, It. manganese, sasso magnesio; prob. corrupted from L. magnes, because of its resemblance to the magnet. See Magnet, and cf. Magnesia.] (Chem.) An element obtained by reduction of its oxide, as a hard, grayish white metal, fusible with difficulty, but easily oxidized. Its ores occur abundantly in nature as the minerals pyrolusite, manganite, etc. Symbol Mn. Atomic weight 54.8.

An alloy of manganese with iron (called ferromanganese) is used to increase the density and hardness of steel.

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