3. A covetous, grasping, mean person; esp., one having wealth, who lives miserably for the sake of saving and increasing his hoard.

As some lone miser, visiting his store,
Bends at his treasure, counts, recounts it o'er.

4. A kind of large earth auger. Knight.

(Mis"er*a*ble) a. [F. misérable, L. miserabilis, fr. miserari to lament, pity, fr. miser wretched. See Miser.]

1. Very unhappy; wretched.

What hopes delude thee, miserable man?

2. Causing unhappiness or misery.

What 's more miserable than discontent?

3. Worthless; mean; despicable; as, a miserable fellow; a miserable dinner.

Miserable comforters are ye all.
Job xvi. 2.

4. Avaricious; niggardly; miserly. [Obs.] Hooker.

Syn. — Abject; forlorn; pitiable; wretched.

(Mis"er*a*ble), n. A miserable person. [Obs.] Sterne.

(Mis"er*a*ble*ness), n. The state or quality of being miserable.

(Mis"er*a*bly), adv. In a miserable; unhappily; calamitously; wretchedly; meanly.

They were miserably entertained.
Sir P. Sidney.

The fifth was miserably stabbed to death.

(Mis`er*a"tion) n. Commiseration. [Obs.]

(||Mis`e*re"re) n. [L., have mercy, fr. misereri to have mercy, fr. miser. See Miser.]

1. (R. C. Ch.) The psalm usually appointed for penitential acts, being the 50th psalm in the Latin version. It commences with the word miserere.

2. A musical composition adapted to the 50th psalm.

Where only the wind signs miserere.

3. (Arch.) A small projecting boss or bracket, on the under side of the hinged seat of a church stall (see Stall). It was intended, the seat being turned up, to give some support to a worshiper when standing. Called also misericordia.

4. (Med.) Same as Ileus.

(Mis"er*i*corde") n. [F. miséricorde. See Misericordia.]

1. Compassion; pity; mercy. [Obs.]

2. (Anc. Armor.) Same as Misericordia, 2.

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