Texas milletis Panicum Texanum. — Wild millet, orMillet grass, is Milium effusum, a tail grass growing in woods.

(Mil"li-) [From L. mille a thousand.] (Metric System, Elec., Mech., etc.) A prefix denoting a thousandth part of; as, millimeter, milligram, milliampère.

(Mil`li*am`père") n. [Milli- + ampère.] (Elec.) The thousandth part of one ampère.

(||Mil`liard") n. [F., from mille, mil, thousand, L. mille.] A thousand millions; — called also billion. See Billion.

(Mil"li*a*ry) a. [L. milliarius containing a thousand, fr. mille thousand: cf. F. milliaire milliary. See Mile.] Of or pertaining to a mile, or to distance by miles; denoting a mile or miles.

A milliary column, from which they used to compute the distance of all the cities and places of note.

(Mil"li*a*ry), n.; pl. Milliaries [L. milliarium. See Milliary, a.] A milestone.

(||Mil`lier") n. [F., fr. mille thousand.] A weight of the metric system, being one million grams; a metric ton.

(Mil"li*fold`) a. [L. mille thousand + E. fold times.] Thousandfold. [R.] Davies

(Mil"li*gram, Mil"li*gramme) n. [F. milligramme; milli- milli- + gramme. See 3d Gram.] A measure of weight, in the metric system, being the thousandth part of a gram, equal to the weight of a cubic millimeter of water, or .01543 of a grain avoirdupois.

(Mil"li*li`ter, Mil"li*li`tre) n. [F. millilitre; milli- milli- + litre. See Liter.] A measure of capacity in the metric system, containing the thousandth part of a liter. It is a cubic centimeter, and is equal to .061 of an English cubic inch, or to .0338 of an American fluid ounce.

(Mil"li*me`ter, Mil"li*me`tre) n. [F. millimètre; milli- milli- + mètre. See 3d Meter.] A lineal measure in the metric system, containing the thousandth part of a meter; equal to .03937 of an inch. See 3d Meter.

(Mil"li*ner) n. [From Milaner an inhabitant of Milan, in Italy; hence, a man from Milan who imported women's finery.]

1. Formerly, a man who imported and dealt in small articles of a miscellaneous kind, especially such as please the fancy of women. [Obs.]

No milliner can so fit his customers with gloves.

2. A person, usually a woman, who makes, trims, or deals in hats, bonnets, headdresses, etc., for women.

Man milliner, a man who makes or deals in millinery; hence, contemptuously, a man who is busied with trifling occupations or embellishments.

(Mil"li*ner*y) n.

1. The articles made or sold by milliners, as headdresses, hats or bonnets, laces, ribbons, and the like.

2. The business of work of a milliner.

(Mil`li*net") n. A stiff cotton fabric used by milliners for lining bonnets.

rank-growing annual grass, valuable for fodder when cut young, and bearing nutritive seeds; — called also Hungarian grass. —

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