(Met`a*pep"tone) n. [Pref. meta- + peptone.] (Physiol. Chem.) An intermediate product formed in the gastric digestion of albuminous matter.

(Met"a*phor) n. [F. métaphore, L. metaphora, fr. Gr. metafora`, fr. metafe`rein to carry over, transfer; meta` beyond, over + fe`rein to bring, bear.] (Rhet.) The transference of the relation between one set of objects to another set for the purpose of brief explanation; a compressed simile; e. g., the ship plows the sea. Abbott & Seeley. "All the world's a stage." Shak.

The statement, "that man is a fox," is a metaphor; but "that man is like a fox," is a simile, similitude, or comparison.

(Met`a*phor"ic Met`a*phor"ic*al) a. métaphorique.]—> Of or pertaining to metaphor; comprising a metaphor; not literal; figurative; tropical; as, a metaphorical expression; a metaphorical sense.Met`a*phor"ic*al*ly, adv.Met`a*phor"ic*al*ness, n.

(Met"a*phor*ist) n. One who makes metaphors.

(Met`a*phos"phate) n. (Chem.) A salt of metaphosphoric acid.

(Met`a*phos*phor"ic) a. [Pref. meta- + phosphoric.] (Chem.) Pertaining to, or designating, a monobasic acid, HPO3, analogous to nitric acid, and, by heating phosphoric acid, obtained as a crystalline substance, commonly called glacial phosphoric acid.

(Met"a*phrase) n. [Gr. meta`frasis, from metafra`zein to paraphrase; meta` beyond, over + fra`zein to speak: cf. F. métaphrase.]

1. A verbal translation; a version or translation from one language into another, word for word; — opposed to paraphrase. Dryden.

2. An answering phrase; repartee. Mrs. Browning.

(Met"a*phrased) a. Translated literally.

(Me*taph"ra*sis) n. [NL. See Metaphrase.] Metaphrase.

(Met"a*phrast) n. [Gr. : cf. F. métaphraste.] A literal translator.

(Met`a*phras"tic Met`a*phras"tic*al) a. Close, or literal.

(Met`a*phys"ic) n. [Cf. F. métaphysique.] See Metaphysics.

(Met`a*phys"ic), a. Metaphysical.

(Met`a*phys"ic*al) a. [Cf. F. métaphysique. See Metaphysics.]

1. Of or pertaining to metaphysics.

2. According to rules or principles of metaphysics; as, metaphysical reasoning.

3. Preternatural or supernatural. [Obs.]

The golden round
Which fate and metaphysical aid doth seem
To have thee crowned withal.

(Met`a*phys"ic*al*ly), adv. In the manner of metaphysical science, or of a metaphysician. South.

(Met`a*phy*si"cian) n. [Cf. F. métaphysicien.] One who is versed in metaphysics.

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