Mermaid fish(Zoöl.) the angel fish Mermaid's glove(Zoöl.), a British branched sponge somewhat resembling a glove.Mermaid's head(Zoöl.), a European spatangoid sea urchin (Echinocardium cordatum) having some resemblance to a skull.Mermaid weed(Bot.), an aquatic herb with dentate or pectinate leaves (Proserpinaca palustris and P. pectinacea).

(Mer"man) n.; pl. Mermen The male corresponding to mermaid; a sea man, or man fish.

(Mer"o*blast) n. [Gr. part + -blast.] (Biol.) An ovum, as that of a mammal, only partially composed of germinal matter, that is, consisting of both a germinal portion and an albuminous or nutritive one; — opposed to holoblast.

(Mer`o*blas"tic) a. (Biol.) Consisting only in part of germinal matter; characterized by partial segmentation only; as, meroblastic ova, in which a portion of the yolk only undergoes fission; meroblastic segmentation; — opposed to holoblastic.

(Me"ro*cele) n. [Gr. thigh + tumor.] (Med.) Hernia in the thigh; femoral hernia .

(Mer`o*is"tic) a. [Gr. part + an egg.] (Zoöl.) Applied to the ovaries of insects when they secrete vitelligenous cells, as well as ova.

(Me*rop"i*dan) n. [L. merops a bee-eating bird, Gr. me`rops.] (Zoöl.) One of a family of birds including the bee-eaters.

(Mer"lon) n. [F., perh. fr. L. moerus, for murus a wall, through (assumed) dim. moerulus.] (Fort.) One of the solid parts of a battlemented parapet; a battlement. See Illust. of Battlement.

(Mer"luce) n. [F. merluche, merlus.] (Zoöl.) The European hake; — called also herring hake and sea pike.

(Mer"maid) n. [AS. mere lake, sea. See Mere lake, and maid.] A fabled marine creature, typically represented as having the upper part like that of a woman, and the lower like a fish; a sea nymph, sea woman, or woman fish.

Chaucer uses this word as equivalent to the siren of the ancients.

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