Fair maid. (Zoöl.) See under Fair, a.Maid of honor, a female attendant of a queen or royal princess; — usually of noble family, and having to perform only nominal or honorary duties.Old maid. See under Old.

(Ma`hound) n. A contemptuous name for Mohammed; hence, an evil spirit; a devil. [Obs.]

Who's this, my mahound cousin ?
Beau. & Fl.

(||Ma*hout") n. [Hind. mahawat, Skr. mahamatra; mahat great + matra measure.] The keeper and driver of an elephant. [East Indies]

(Ma*ho"vo) n. (Mach.) A device for saving power in stopping and starting a railroad car, by means of a heavy fly wheel.

(Mah*rat"i) n. The language of the Mahrattas; the language spoken in the Deccan and Concan. [Written also Marathi.]

(Mah*rat"ta) n. [Hind. Marhata, Marhatta, the name of a famous Hindoo race, from the old Skr. name Maha- rashtra.] One of a numerous people inhabiting the southwestern part of India. Also, the language of the Mahrattas; Mahrati. It is closely allied to Sanskrit.a. Of or pertaining to the Mahrattas. [Written also Maratha.]

(Ma*hu"met*an Ma*hu"met*an*ism) n. See Mohammedan, Mohammedanism.

Mahwa tree
(Mah"wa tree`) (Bot.) An East Indian sapotaceous tree (Bassia latifolia, and also B. butyracea), whose timber is used for wagon wheels, and the flowers for food and in preparing an intoxicating drink. It is one of the butter trees. The oil, known as mahwa and yallah, is obtained from the kernels of the fruit.

(||Ma"i*a) n. [From L. Maia, a goddess.] (Zoöl.) (a) A genus of spider crabs, including the common European species (Maia squinado). (b) A beautiful American bombycid moth

(Ma"ian) n. (Zoöl.) Any spider crab of the genus Maia, or family Maiadæ.

(Maid) n. [Shortened from maiden. . See Maiden.]

1. An unmarried woman; usually, a young unmarried woman; esp., a girl; a virgin; a maiden.

Would I had died a maid,
And never seen thee, never borne thee son.

Can a maid forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire? Yet my people have forgotten me.
Jer. ii. 32.

2. A man who has not had sexual intercourse. [Obs.]

Christ was a maid and shapen as a man.

3. A female servant.

Spinning amongst her maids.

Maid is used either adjectively or in composition, signifying female, as in maid child, maidservant.

4. (Zoöl.) The female of a ray or skate, esp. of the gray skate and of the thornback [Prov. Eng.]

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