Meibomian glands, the slender sebaceous glands of the eyelids, which discharge, through minute orifices in the edges of the lids, a fatty secretion serving to lubricate the adjacent parts.

(Meine) v. t. See Menge.

(Mein"e, Mein"y), n. [OF. maisniée, maisnie. See Menial.]

1. A family, including servants, etc.; household; retinue; train. [Obs.] Chaucer. Shak.

2. Company; band; army. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Mei"o*cene) a. (Geol.) See Miocene.

(Mei"o*nite) n. [Gr. mei`wn smaller. So called in a allusion to the low pyramids of the crystals.] (Min.) A member of the scapolite group, occuring in glassy crystals on Monte Somma, near Naples.

(||Mei*o"sis) n. [NL., fr. Gr. mei`wsis, fr. meioy^n to make smaller, from mei`wn. See Meionite.] (Rhet.) Diminution; a species of hyperbole, representing a thing as being less than it really is.

(Mei`o*stem"o*nous) a. [Gr. mei`wn smaller + warp, thread.] (Bot.) Having fever stamens than the parts of the corolla.

(||Meis"ter*sing`er) n. [G.] See Mastersinger.

(Meg`a*the"roid) n. [Megatherium + -oid.] (Paleon.) One of a family of extinct edentates found in America. The family includes the megatherium, the megalonyx, etc.

(Meg`a*volt") n. [Mega- + volt.] (Elec.) One of the larger measures of electro-motive force, amounting to one million volts.

(Meg`a*we"ber) n. [Mega- + weber.] (Elec.) A million webers.

(Meg"erg`) n. [Mega- + erg.] (Physics) One of the larger measures of work, amounting to one million ergs; — called also megalerg.

(Me*gilp" Me*gilph") , n. (Paint.) A gelatinous compound of linseed oil and mastic varnish, used by artists as a vehicle for colors. [Written also magilp, and magilph.]

(Meg"ohm") n. [Mega- + ohm.] (Elec.) One of the larger measures of electrical resistance, amounting to one million ohms.

(Me"grim) n. [OE. migrim, migrene, F. migraine, LL. hemigrania, L. hemicrania, hemicranium, Gr. "hmikrani`a; "hmi- half + krani`on skull. See Hemi- and Cranium, and cf. Hemicrania, Migraine.]

1. A kind of sick or nervous headache, usually periodical and confined to one side of the head.

2. A fancy; a whim; a freak; a humor; esp., in the plural, lowness of spirits.

These are his megrims, firks, and melancholies.

3. pl. (Far.) A sudden vertigo in a horse, succeeded sometimes by unconsciousness, produced by an excess of blood in the brain; a mild form of apoplexy. Youatt.

(Me"grim), n. [Etymol. uncertain.] (Zoöl.) The British smooth sole, or scaldfish

(Mei*bo"mi*an) a. (Anat.) Of, pertaining to, or discovered by, Meibomius.

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