Circulating medium, a current medium of exchange, whether coin, bank notes, or government notes.Ethereal medium(Physics), the ether.Medium of exchange, that which is used for effecting an exchange of commodities — money or current representatives of money.

(Me"di*um), a. Having a middle position or degree; mean; intermediate; medial; as, a horse of medium size; a decoction of medium strength.

(Me"di*um-sized`) a. Having a medium size; as, a medium-sized man.

Meditatist to Megacephalous

(Med"i*ta`tist), n. One who is given to meditation.

(Med"i*ta*tive) a. [L. meditativus: cf. F. méditatif.] Disposed to meditate, or to meditation; as, a meditative man; a meditative mood.Med"i*ta*tive*ly, adv.Med"i*ta*tive*ness, n.

(Med`i*ter*ra"ne*an) a. [L. mediterraneus; medius middle + terra land. See Mid, and Terrace.]

1. Inclosed, or nearly inclosed, with land; as, the Mediterranean Sea, between Europe and Africa.

2. Inland; remote from the ocean. [Obs.]

Cities, as well mediterranean as maritime.

3. Of or pertaining to the Mediterranean Sea; as, Mediterranean trade; a Mediterranean voyage.

(Med`i*ter*ra"ne*ous) a. Inland. Sir T. Browne.

(Me"di*um) n.; pl. L. Media E. Mediums [L. medium the middle, fr. medius middle. See Mid, and cf. Medius.]

1. That which lies in the middle, or between other things; intervening body or quantity. Hence, specifically: (a) Middle place or degree; mean.

The just medium . . . lies between pride and abjection.

(b) (Math.) See Mean. (c) (Logic) The mean or middle term of a syllogism; that by which the extremes are brought into connection.

2. A substance through which an effect is transmitted from one thing to another; as, air is the common medium of sound. Hence: The condition upon which any event or action occurs; necessary means of motion or action; that through or by which anything is accomplished, conveyed, or carried on; specifically, in animal magnetism, spiritualism, etc., a person through whom the action of another being is said to be manifested and transmitted.

Whether any other liquors, being made mediums, cause a diversity of sound from water, it may be tried.

I must bring together
All these extremes; and must remove all mediums.

3. An average. [R.]

A medium of six years of war, and six years of peace.

4. A trade name for printing and writing paper of certain sizes. See Paper.

5. (Paint.) The liquid vehicle with which dry colors are ground and prepared for application.

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