Measuring faucet, a faucet which permits only a given quantity of liquid to pass each time it is opened, or one by means of which the liquid which passes can be measured. - - Measuring worm(Zoöl.), the larva of any geometrid moth. See Geometrid.

(Meat) n. [OE. mete, AS. mete; akin to OS. mat, meti, D. met hashed meat, G. mettwurst sausage, OHG. maz food, Icel. matr, Sw. mat, Dan. mad, Goth. mats. Cf. Mast fruit, Mush.]

1. Food, in general; anything eaten for nourishment, either by man or beast. Hence, the edible part of anything; as, the meat of a lobster, a nut, or an egg. Chaucer.

And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, . . . to you it shall be for meat.
Gen. i. 29.

Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you.
Gen. ix. 3.

2. The flesh of animals used as food; esp., animal muscle; as, a breakfast of bread and fruit without meat.

3. Specifically, dinner; the chief meal. [Obs.] Chaucer.

Meat biscuit. See under Biscuit.Meat earth(Mining), vegetable mold. Raymond.Meat fly. (Zoöl.) See Flesh fly, under Flesh.Meat offering(Script.), an offering of food, esp. of a cake made of flour with salt and oil.To go to meat, to go to a meal. [Obs.] — To sit at meat, to sit at the table in taking food.

(Meat), v. t. To supply with food. [Obs.] Tusser.

His shield well lined, his horses meated well.

(Me*a"tal) a. Of or pertaining to a meatus; resembling a meatus. Owen.

(Meat"ed) a.

1. Fed; fattened. [Obs.] Tusser.

2. Having (such) meat; — used chiefly in composition; as, thick-meated.

(Meath, Meathe) , n. [See Mead.] A sweet liquor; mead. [Obs.] Chaucer. Milton.

Measured to Medalurgy

(Meas"ured) a. Regulated or determined by a standard; hence, equal; uniform; graduated; limited; moderated; as, he walked with measured steps; he expressed himself in no measured terms.Meas"ured*ly, adv.

(Meas"ure*less) a. Without measure; unlimited; immeasurable.Meas"ure*less*ness, n.

Syn. — Boundless; limitless; endless; unbounded; unlimited; vast; immense; infinite; immeasurable.

(Meas"ure*ment) n.

1. The act or result of measuring; mensuration; as, measurement is required.

2. The extent, size, capacity, amount. or quantity ascertained by measuring; as, its measurement is five acres.

(Meas"ur*er) n. One who measures; one whose occupation or duty is to measure commondities in market.

(Meas"ur*ing), a. Used in, or adapted for, ascertaining measurements, or dividing by measure.

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