Birthday to Bit

(Birth"day`) n.

1. The day in which any person is born; day of origin or commencement.

Those barbarous ages past, succeeded next
The birthday of invention.

2. The day of the month in which a person was born, in whatever succeeding year it may recur; the anniversary of one's birth.

This is my birthday; as this very day
Was Cassius born.

(Birth"day`), a. Of or pertaining to the day of birth, or its anniversary; as, birthday gifts or festivities.

(Birth"dom) n. [Birth + - dom.] The land of one's birth; one's inheritance. [R.] Shak.

(Birth"ing), n. (Naut.) Anything added to raise the sides of a ship. Bailey.

(Birth"less), a. Of mean extraction. [R.] Sir W. Scott.

(Birth"mark`) n. Some peculiar mark or blemish on the body at birth.

Most part of this noble lineage carried upon their body for a natural birthmark, . . . a snake.
Sir T. North.

(Birth"night`) n. The night in which a person is born; the anniversary of that night in succeeding years.

The angelic song in Bethlehem field,
On thy birthnight, that sung thee Savior born.

(Birth"place`) n. The town, city, or country, where a person is born; place of origin or birth, in its more general sense. "The birthplace of valor." Burns.

(Birth"right`) n. Any right, privilege, or possession to which a person is entitled by birth, such as an estate descendible by law to an heir, or civil liberty under a free constitution; esp. the rights or inheritance of the first born.

Lest there be any . . . profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright.
Heb. xii. 16.

(Birth"root`) n. (Bot.) An herbaceous plant and its astringent rootstock, which is said to have medicinal properties.

(Birth"wort`) n. A genus of herbs and shrubs reputed to have medicinal properties.

(Bis) adv. [L. bis twice, for duis, fr. root of duo two. See Two, and cf. Bi- .] Twice; — a word showing that something is, or is to be, repeated; as a passage of music, or an item in accounts.

(Bis-), pref. A form of Bi-, sometimes used before s, c, or a vowel.

Bisa antelope
(Bi"sa an"te*lope) (Zoöl.) See Oryx.

(Bi*sac"cate) a. [Pref. bi- + saccate.] (Bot.) Having two little bags, sacs, or pouches.

(Bis*cay"an) a. Of or pertaining to Biscay in Spain.n. A native or inhabitant of Biscay.

(Bis"co*tin) n. [F. biscotin. See Biscuit.] A confection made of flour, sugar, marmalade, and eggs; a sweet biscuit.

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