Marmalade tree(Bot.), a sapotaceous tree (Lucuma mammosa) of the West Indies and Tropical America. It has large obovate leaves and an egg-shaped fruit from three to five inches long, containing a pleasant- flavored pulp and a single large seed. The fruit is called marmalade, or natural marmalade, from its consistency and flavor.

(Mar"ma*let`) n. See Marmalade. [Obs.]

(Mar"ma*tite) n. [Cf. F. marmatite.] (Min.) A ferruginous variety of shalerite or zinc blende, nearly black in color.

(Mar"mo*lite) n. maramai`rein to sparkle + -lite.]—> (Min.) A thin, laminated variety of serpentine, usually of a pale green color.

(Mar`mo*ra"ceous) a. [L. marmor marble. See Marble.] Pertaining to, or like, marble.

(Mar"mo*rate Mar"mo*ra`ted) a. [L. marmoratus, p. p. of marmorate to overlay with marble, fr. marmor marble.] Variegated like marble; covered or overlaid with marble. [R.]

(Mar`mo*ra"tion) n. [L. marmoratio.] A covering or incrusting with marble; a casing of marble; a variegating so as to resemble marble. [R.]

Marmoratum opus
(||Mar`mo*ra`tum o"pus) [L. See Marmorate, and Opus.] (Arch.) A kind of hard finish for plasterwork, made of plaster of Paris and marble dust, and capable of taking a high polish.

(Mar*mo"re*al Mar*mo"re*an) a. [L. marmoreus, fr. marmor marble: cf. F. marmoréen. See Marble.] Pertaining to, or resembling, marble; made of marble.

(||Mar`mo*ro"sis) n. [NL.] (Geol.) The metamorphism of limestone, that is, its conversion into marble. Geikie.

(Mar"mose`) n. [F.] (Zoöl.) A species of small opossum (Didelphus murina) ranging from Mexico to Brazil.

(Mar"mo*set`) n. [F. marmouset a grotesque figure, an ugly little boy, prob. fr. LL. marmoretum, fr. L. marmor marble. Perhaps confused with marmot. See Marble.] (Zoöl.) Any one of numerous species of small South American monkeys of the genera Hapale and Midas, family Hapalidæ. They have long soft fur, and a hairy, nonprehensile tail. They are often kept as pets. Called also squirrel monkey.

(Mar"mot) n. [It. marmotta, marmotto, prob. fr. L. mus montanus, or mus montis, lit., mountain mouse or rat. See Mountain, and Mouse.]

(Marl"pit`) n. Apit where marl is dug.

(Marl"stone`) n. (Geol.) A sandy calcareous straum, containing, or impregnated with, iron, and lying between the upper and lower Lias of England.

(Marl"y) a. [Compar. Marlier ; superl. Marliest.] Consisting or partaking of marl; resembling marl; abounding with marl.

(Mar"ma*lade) n. [F. marmelade, Pg. marmelada, fr. marmélo a quince, fr. L. melimelum honey apple, Gr. a sweet apple, an apple grafted on a quince; honey + apple. Cf. Mellifluous, Melon.] A preserve or confection made of the pulp of fruit, as the quince, pear, apple, orange, etc., boiled with sugar, and brought to a jamlike consistence.

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