Tell that to the marines, an expression of disbelief, the marines being regarded by sailors as credulous. [Colloq.]

(Ma*rined") a. [Cf. F. mariné.] (Her.) Having the lower part of the body like a fish. Crabb.

(Mar"i*ner) n. [F. marinier, LL. marinarius. See Marine.] One whose occupation is to assist in navigating ships; a seaman or sailor. Chaucer.

Mariner's compass. See under Compass.

(Mar"i*ner*ship), n. Seamanship. [Obs.] Udalt.

(Mar`i*no*ra"ma) n. [NL., from L. marinus marine + Gr. view.] A representation of a sea view.

(Ma`ri*ol"a*ter) n. [See Mariolatry.] One who worships the Virgin Mary.

(Ma`ri*ol"a*try) n. [Gr. Mary + worship.] The worship of the Virgin Mary.

(Mar`i*o*nette") n. [F. marionette, prop. a dim. of Marie Mary.]

1. A puppet moved by strings, as in a puppet show.

2. (Zoöl.) The buffel duck.

Mariotte's law
(Ma`ri*otte's law`) (Physics.) See Boyle's law, under Law.

Mariposa lily
(Ma`ri*po"sa lil`y) [Sp. mariposa a butterfly + E. lily. So called from the gay appearance of the blossoms.] (Bot.) One of a genus (Calochortus) of tuliplike bulbous herbs with large, and often gaycolored, blossoms. Called also butterfly lily. Most of them are natives of California.

(Mar"i*put) n. (Zoöl.) A species of civet; the zoril.

(Mar"ish) n. [Cf. F. marais, LL. marascus. See Marsh.] Low, wet ground; a marsh; a fen; a bog; a moor. [Archaic] Milton. Tennyson.

(Mar"ish), a.

1. Moory; fenny; boggy. [Archaic]

2. Growing in marshes. "Marish flowers." Tennyson.

(Mar"i*tal) a. [F., fr. L. maritalis, fr. maritus belonging to marriage, n., a husband. See Marry, v.] Of or pertaining to a husband; as, marital rights, duties, authority. "Marital affection." Ayliffe.

(Mar"i*ta`ted) a. [L. maritatus married.] Having a husband; married. [Obs.]

(Ma*rit"i*mal, Ma*rit"i*male) a. See Maritime. [Obs.]

(Mar"i*time) a. [L. maritimus, fr. mare the sea: cf. F. maritime. See Mere a pool.]

1. A solider serving on shipboard; a sea soldier; one of a body of troops trained to do duty in the navy.

2. The sum of naval affairs; naval economy; the department of navigation and sea forces; the collective shipping of a country; as, the mercantile marine.

3. A picture representing some marine subject.

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