Manx cat(Zoöl.), a breed of domestic cats having a rudimentary tail, containing only about three vertebrae.Manx shearwater(Zoöl.), an oceanic bird (Puffinus anglorum, or P. puffinus), called also Manx petrel, Manx puffin. It was formerly abundant in the Isle of Man.

Manurage to Marbling

(Ma*nur"age) n. Cultivation. [Obs.] Warner.

(Ma*nur"ance) n. Cultivation. [Obs.] Spenser.

(Ma*nure") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Manured ; p. pr. & vb. n. Manuring.] [Contr, from OF. manuvrer, manovrer, to work with the hand, to cultivate by manual labor, F. manœuvrer. See Manual, Ure, Opera, and cf. Inure.]

1. To cultivate by manual labor; to till; hence, to develop by culture. [Obs.]

To whom we gave the strand for to manure.

Manure thyself then; to thyself be improved;
And with vain, outward things be no more moved.

2. To apply manure to; to enrich, as land, by the application of a fertilizing substance.

The blood of English shall manure the ground.

(Ma*nure") n. Any matter which makes land productive; a fertilizing substance, as the contents of stables and barnyards, dung, decaying animal or vegetable substances, etc. Dryden.

(Ma*nure"ment), n. [Cf. OF. manouvrement.] Cultivation. [Obs.] W. Wotton.

(Ma*nur"er) n. One who manures land.

(Ma*nu"ri*al) a. Relating to manures.

(Ma*nur"ing) n. The act of process of applying manure; also, the manure applied.

(||Ma"nus) n.; pl. Manus. [L., the hand.] (Anat.) The distal segment of the fore limb, including the carpus and fore foot or hand.

(Man"u*script) a. [L. manu scriptus. See Manual, and Scribe.] Written with or by the hand; not printed; as, a manuscript volume.

(Man"u*script), n. [LL. manuscriptum, lit., something written with the hand. See Manuscript, a.]

1. A literary or musical composition written with the hand, as distinguished from a printed copy.

2. Writing, as opposed to print; as, the book exists only in manuscript. Craik.

The word is often abbreviated to MS., plural MSS.

(Man"u*script`al) a. Manuscript. [Obs.]

(Man`u*ten"en*cy) n. [L. manus hand + tenere to hold.] Maintenance. [Obs.] Abp. Sancroft.

(Man"way`) n. A small passageway, as in a mine, that a man may pass through. Raymond.

(Manx) a. Of or pertaining to the Isle of Man, or its inhabitants; as, the Manx language.

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