(Man`u*fac"tur*al) a. Of or pertaining to manufactures. [R.]

(Man`u*fac"ture) n. [L. manus the hand + factura a making, fr. facere to make: cf. F. manufacture. See Manual, and Fact.]

1. The operation of making wares or any products by hand, by machinery, or by other agency.

2. Anything made from raw materials by the hand, by machinery, or by art, as cloths, iron utensils, shoes, machinery, saddlery, etc.

(Man`u*fac"ture), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Manufactured ; p. pr. & vb. n. Manufacturing.] [Cf. F. manufacturer.]

1. To make (wares or other products) by hand, by machinery, or by other agency; as, to manufacture cloth, nails, glass, etc.

2. To work, as raw or partly wrought materials, into suitable forms for use; as, to manufacture wool, cotton, silk, or iron.

(Man`u*fac"ture), v. i. To be employed in manufacturing something.

(Man`u*fac"tur*er) n. One who manufactures.

(Man`u*fac"tur*ing), a.

1. Employed, or chiefly employed, in manufacture; as, a manufacturing community; a manufacturing town.

2. Pertaining to manufacture; as, manufacturing projects.

(||Ma"nul) n. (Zoöl.) A wild cat having long, soft, light- colored fur. It is found in the mountains of Central Asia, and dwells among rocks.

(Man"u*mise`) v. t. [See Manumit.] To manumit. [Obs.] Dryden.

(Man`u*mis"sion) n. [L. manumissio: cf. F. manumission. See Manumit.] The act of manumitting, or of liberating a slave from bondage. "Given to slaves at their manumission." Arbuthnot.

(Man`u*mit") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Manumitted; p. pr. & vb. n. Manumitting.] [L. manumittere, manumissum; manus the hand + mittere to send, to send off. See Manual, and Missile.] To release from slavery; to liberate from personal bondage or servitude; to free, as a slave. "Manumitted slaves." Hume.

(Man"u*mo`tive) a. [L. manus the hand + E. motive.] Movable by hand. [R.]

(Man"u*mo`tor) n. [L. manus the hand + E. motor.] A small wheel carriage, so constructed that a person sitting in it may move it.

(Ma*nur"a*ble) a.

1. Capable of cultivation. [Obs.] Sir M. Hale.

2. Capable of receiving a fertilizing substance.

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