Malay apple(Bot.), a myrtaceous tree (Eugenia Malaccensis) common in India; also, its applelike fruit.

(Ma"la*ya"lam) n. The name given to one the cultivated Dravidian languages, closely related to the Tamil. Yule.

(||Mal"brouck) n. [F.] (Zoöl.) A West African arboreal monkey

(Mal*con`for*ma"tion) n. [Mal- + conformation.] Imperfect, disproportionate, or abnormal formation; ill form; disproportion of parts.

(Mal"con*tent`) a. [F., fr. mal ill + content. See Malice, Content.] discontented; uneasy; dissatisfied; especially, dissatisfied with the government. [Written also malecontent.]

The famous malcontent earl of Leicester.

(Mal"con*tent`), n. [F. malcontent.] One who discontented; especially, a discontented subject of a government; one who expresses his discontent by words or overt acts. Spenser. Berkeley.

(Mal`con*tent"ed) a. Malcontent.Mal`con*tent"ed*ly, adv.Mal`con*tent"ed*ness, n.

(Mal*da"ni*an) n. (Zoöl.) Any species of marine annelids of the genus Maldane, or family Maldanidæ. They have a slender, round body, and make tubes in the sand or mud.

(Male-) See Mal-.

(Male) a. [L. malus. See Malice.] Evil; wicked; bad. [Obs.] Marston.

(Male), n. Same as Mail, a bag. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Male), a. [F. mâle, OF. masle, mascle, fr. L. masculus male, masculine, dim. of mas a male; possibly akin to E. man. Cf. Masculine, Marry, v. t.]

1. Of or pertaining to the sex that begets or procreates young, or (in a wider sense) to the sex that produces spermatozoa, by which the ova are fertilized; not female; as, male organs.

2. (Bot.) Capable of producing fertilization, but not of bearing fruit; — said of stamens and antheridia, and of the plants, or parts of plants, which bear them.

3. Suitable to the male sex; characteristic or suggestive of a male; masculine; as, male courage.

4. Consisting of males; as, a male choir.

5. (Mech.) Adapted for entering another corresponding piece (the female piece) which is hollow and which it fits; as, a male gauge, for gauging the size or shape of a hole; a male screw, etc.

Male berry(Bot.), a kind of coffee. See Pea berry.Male fern(Bot.), a fern of the genus Aspidium (A. Filixmas), used in medicine as an anthelmintic, esp. against the tapeworm. Aspidium marginale in America, and A. athamanticum in South Africa, are used as good substitutes for the male fern in

Malaxator to Malignantly

(Mal"ax*a`tor) n. One who, or that which, malaxates; esp., a machine for grinding, kneading, or stirring into a pasty or doughy mass. [R.]

(Ma*lay") n. One of a race of a brown or copper complexion in the Malay Peninsula and the western islands of the Indian Archipelago.

(Ma*lay" Ma*lay"an) a. Of or pertaining to the Malays or their country.n. The Malay language.

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