Magneto-electric machine, a form of dynamo- electric machine in which the field is maintained by permanent steel magnets instead of electro-magnets.

(Mag`net*o-e`lec*tric"i*ty) n.

1. Electricity evolved by the action of magnets.

2. (Physics) That branch of science which treats of the development of electricity by the action of magnets; — the counterpart of electro-magnetism.

(Mag*net"o*graph) n. [Magneto- + -graph.] (Physics) An automatic instrument for registering, by photography or otherwise, the states and variations of any of the terrestrial magnetic elements.

(Mag`net*om"e*ter) n. [Magneto- + -meter: cf. F. magnétomètre.] (Physics) An instrument for measuring the intensity of magnetic forces; also, less frequently, an instrument for determining any of the terrestrial magnetic elements, as the dip and declination.

(Mag`net*o*met"ric) a. Pertaining to, or employed in, the measurement of magnetic forces; obtained by means of a magnetometer; as, magnetometric instruments; magnetometric measurements.

(Mag`net*o*mo"tor) n. A voltaic series of two or more large plates, producing a great quantity of electricity of low tension, and hence adapted to the exhibition of electro-magnetic phenomena. [R.]

(Mag`net*o*ther"a*py) n. (Med.) The treatment of disease by the application of magnets to the surface of the body.

(Mag"ni*fi`a*ble), a. [From Magnify.] Such as can be magnified, or extolled.

(Mag*nif"ic Mag*nif"ic*al) a. [L. magnificus; magnus great + facere to make: cf. F. magnifique. See Magnitude, Fact. and cf. Magnificent.] Grand; splendid; illustrious; magnificent. [Obs.] 1 Chron. xxii. 5. "Thy magnific deeds." Milton.Mag*nif"ic*al*ly, adv. [Obs.]

(||Mag*nif"i*cat) n. [L., it magnifies.] The song of the Virgin Mary, Luke i. 46; — so called because it commences with this word in the Vulgate.

(Mag*nif"i*cate) v. t. [L. magnificatus, p. p. of magnificare.] To magnify or extol. [Obs.] Marston.

(Mag`ni*fi*ca"tion) n. The act of magnifying; enlargement; exaggeration. [R.]

(Mag*nif"i*cence) n. [F. magnificence, L. magnificentia. See Magnific.] The act of doing what is magnificent; the state or quality of being magnificent. Acts xix. 27. "Then cometh magnificence." Chaucer.

And, for the heaven's wide circuit, let it speak
The Maker's high magnificence, who built
so spacious.

The noblest monuments of Roman magnificence.

Magneto- to Maid

(Mag"net*o-) [See Magnet.] A prefix meaning pertaining to, produced by, or in some way connected with, magnetism.

(Mag`net*o-e*lec"tric) Mag`net*o- e*lec"tric*al a. (Physics) Pertaining to, or characterized by, electricity by the action of magnets; as, magneto-electric induction.

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