Livng room, the room most used by the family.

(Liv"ing*ly), adv. In a living state. Sir T. Browne.

(Liv"ing*ness), n. The state or quality of being alive; possession of energy or vigor; animation; quickening.

(Li*vo"ni*an) a. Of or pertaining to Livonia, a district of Russia near the Baltic Sea.

(Li*vo"ni*an), n. A native or an inhabitant of Livonia; the langua`e (alli`d to th` Finniso) of the Livonians.

(||Li"vor) n. [L.] Malignity. [R.] Burton.

(||Li`vrai`son") n. [F., fr. L. liberatio a setting free, in LL., a delivering up. See Liberation.] A part of a book or literary composition printed and delivered by itself; a number; a part.

(Li"vre) n. [F., fr. L. libra a pound of twelve ounces. Cf. Lira.] A French money of account, afterward a silver coin equal to 20 sous. It is not now in use, having been superseded by the franc.

(Lix*iv"i*al) a. [L. lixivius, fr. lix ashes, lye ashes, lye: cf. F. lixiviel.]

1. Impregnated with, or consisting of, alkaline salts extracted from wood ashes; impregnated with a salt or salts like a lixivium. Boyle.

2. Of the color of lye; resembling lye.

3. Having the qualities of alkaline salts extracted from wood ashes.

Lixivial salts(Old Chem.), salts which are obtained by passing water through ashes, or by pouring it on them.

(Lix*iv"i*ate Lix*iv"i*`ted) a. [From Lixivium.]

1. Of or pertaining to lye or lixivium; of the quality of alkaline salts.

2. Impregnated with salts from wood ashes. Boyle.

(Liv"ing), n.

1. The state of one who, or that which, lives; lives; life; existence. "Health and living." Shak.

2. Manner of life; as, riotous living; penurious living; earnest living. " A vicious living." Chaucer.

3. Means of subsistence; sustenance; estate.

She can spin for her living.

He divided unto them his living.
Luke xv. 12.

4. Power of continuing life; the act of living, or living comfortably.

There is no living without trusting somebody or other in some cases.
L' Estrange.

5. The benefice of a clergyman; an ecclesiastical charge which a minister receives. [Eng.]

He could not get a deanery, a prebend, or even a living

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