Livery gown, the gown worn by a liveryman in London.

(Liv"er*y), v. t. To clothe in, or as in, livery. Shak.

(Liv"er*y*man) n.; pl. Liverymen

1. One who wears a livery, as a servant.

2. A freeman of the city, in London, who, having paid certain fees, is entitled to wear the distinguishing dress or livery of the company to which he belongs, and also to enjoy certain other privileges, as the right of voting in an election for the lord mayor, sheriffs, chamberlain, etc.

3. One who keeps a livery stable.

Livery stable
(Liv"er*y sta`ble) A stable where horses are kept for hire, and where stabling is provided. See Livery, n., 3 (e) (f) & (g).

(Lives) n.; pl. of Life.

(Lives) a. & adv. [Orig. a genitive sing. of life.] Alive; living; with life. [Obs.] " Any lives creature." Chaucer.

(Liv"id) a. [L. lividus, from livere to be of a blush color, to be black and blue: cf. F. livide.] Black and blue; grayish blue; of a lead color; discolored, as flesh by contusion. Cowper.

There followed no carbuncles, no purple or livid spots, the mass of the blood not being tainted.

(Li*vid"i*ty) n. [Cf. F. lividité.] The state or quality of being livid.

(Liv"id*ness) n. Lividity. Walpole.

(Liv"ing) a. [From Live, v. i.]

1. Being alive; having life; as, a living creature.

2. Active; lively; vigorous; — said esp. of states of the mind, and sometimes of abstract things; as, a living faith; a living principle. " Living hope. " Wyclif.

3. Issuing continually from the earth; running; flowing; as, a living spring; — opposed to stagnant.

4. Producing life, action, animation, or vigor; quickening. "Living light." Shak.

5. Ignited; glowing with heat; burning; live.

Then on the living coals wine they pour.

Living force. See Vis viva, under Vis.Living gale(Naut.), a heavy gale.Livingrock or stone, rock in its native or original state or location; rock not quarried. " I now found myself on a rude and narrow stairway, the steps of which were cut out of the living rock." Moore.The living, those who are alive, or one who is alive.

(g) The keeping of horses in readiness to be hired temporarily for riding or driving; the state of being so kept.

Pegasus does not stand at livery even at the largest establishment in Moorfields.

4. A low grade of wool.

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