In least, or In the least, in the least degree, manner, etc. "He that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much." Luke xvi. 10.Least squares(Math.), a method of deducing from a number of carefully made yet slightly discordant observations of a phenomenon the most probable values of the unknown quantities. It takes as its fundamental principle that the most probable values are those which make the sum of the squares of the residual errors of the observation a minimum.

(Least), adv. In the smallest or lowest degree; in a degree below all others; as, to reward those who least deserve it.

(Least), conj. See Lest, conj. [Obs.] Spenser.

(Least"ways` Least"wise`) adv. At least; at all events. [Colloq.]

At leastways, or At leastwise, at least. [Obs.] Fuller.

(Lea"sy) a. [AS. leás void, loose, false. Cf. Leasing.] Flimsy; vague; deceptive. [Obs.] Ascham.

(Leat) n. [Cf. Lead to conduct.] An artificial water trench, esp. one to or from a mill. C. Kingsley.

(Leath"er) n. [OE. lether, AS. leðer; akin to D. leder, leêr, G. leder, OHG. ledar, Icel. leðr, Sw. läder, Dan. læder.]

1. The skin of an animal, or some part of such skin, tanned, tawed, or otherwise dressed for use; also, dressed hides, collectively.

2. The skin. [Ironical or Sportive]

Leather is much used adjectively in the sense of made of, relating to, or like, leather.

Leather board, an imitation of sole leather, made of leather scraps, rags, paper, etc.Leather carp (Zoöl.) , a variety of carp in which the scales are all, or nearly all, absent. See Illust. under Carp. Leather jacket. (Zoöl.) (a) A California carangoid fish (b) A trigger fish Leather flower(Bot.), a climbing plant (Clematis Viorna) of the Middle and Southern States having thick, leathery sepals of a purplish color.Leather leaf(Bot.), a low shrub growing in Northern swamps, and having evergreen, coriaceous, scurfy leaves.Leather plant(Bot.), one or more New Zealand plants of the composite genus Celmisia, which have white or buff tomentose leaves.Leather turtle. (Zoöl.) See Leatherback.Vegetable leather. (a) An imitation of leather made of cotton waste. (b) Linen cloth coated with India rubber. Ure.

(Leath"er), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Leathered ; p. pr. & vb. n. Leathering.] To beat, as with a thong of leather. [Obs. or Colloq.] G. Eliot.

(Leath"er*back`) n. (Zoöl.) A large sea turtle (Sphargis coriacea), having no bony shell on its back. It is common in the warm and temperate parts of the Atlantic, and sometimes weighs over a thousand pounds; — called also leather turtle, leathery turtle, leather-backed tortoise, etc.

(Leath"er*et Leath`er*ette") , n. [Leather + et, F. -ette.] An imitation of leather, made of paper and cloth.

(Leath"er*head`) n. (Zoöl.) The friar bird.

(Leath"ern) a. Made of leather; consisting of. leather; as, a leathern purse. "A leathern girdle about his loins." Matt. iii. 4.

(Leath"er*neck`) n. (Zoöl.) The sordid friar bird of Australia

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