Dutchman's laudanum(Bot.) See under Dutchman.

Latticework to Laurel

(Lat"tice*work`) n. Same as Lattice, n., 1.

(Lat"ti*cing) n.

1. The act or process of making a lattice of, or of fitting a lattice to.

2. (Bridge Building) A system of bars crossing in the middle to form braces between principal longitudinal members, as of a strut.

Latus rectum
(||La"tus rec"tum) [L., the right side.] (Conic Sections) The line drawn through a focus of a conic section parallel to the directrix and terminated both ways by the curve. It is the parameter of the principal axis. See Focus, and Parameter.

(Laud) n. [L. laus, laudis. See Laud, v. i.]

1. High commendation; praise; honor; exaltation; glory. "Laud be to God." Shak.

So do well and thou shalt have laud of the same.

2. A part of divine worship, consisting chiefly of praise; — usually in the pl.

In the Roman Catholic Church, the prayers used at daybreak, between those of matins and prime, are called lauds.

3. Music or singing in honor of any one.

(Laud), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Lauded; p. pr. & vb. n. Lauding.] [L. laudare, fr. laus, laudis, praise. Cf. Allow.] To praise in words alone, or with words and singing; to celebrate; to extol.

With all the company of heaven, we laud and magnify thy glorious name.
Book of Common Prayer.

(Laud`a*bil"i*ty) n. [L. laudabilitas.] Laudableness; praiseworthiness.

(Laud"a*ble) a. [L. laudabilis: cf. OE. laudable. See Laud, v. i.]

1. Worthy of being lauded; praiseworthy; commendable; as, laudable motives; laudable actions; laudable ambition.

2. (Med.) Healthy; salubrious; normal; having a disposition to promote healing; not noxious; as, laudable juices of the body; laudable pus. Arbuthnot.

(Laud"a*ble*ness) n. The quality of being laudable; praiseworthiness; commendableness.

(Laud"a*bly) adv. In a laudable manner.

(Lau"da*nine) n. [From Laudanum.] (Chem.) A white organic base, resembling morphine, and obtained from certain varieties of opium.

(Lau"da*num) n. [Orig. the same wort as ladanum, ladbdanum: cf. F. laudanum, It. laudano, ladano. See Ladanum.] Tincture of opium, used for various medical purposes.

A fluid ounce of American laudanum should contain the soluble matter of one tenth of an ounce avoirdupois of powdered opium with equal parts of alcohol and water. English laudanum should have ten grains less of opium in the fluid ounce. U. S. Disp.

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