Lagoon island, a coral island consisting of a narrow reef encircling a lagoon.

Lagan to Lambskinnet

(La"gan) n. & v. See Ligan.

(La*gar"to) n. [See Alligator.] An alligator. [Obs.] Sir W. Raleigh.

(||La*ge"na) n.; pl. L. Lagenæ E. Lagenas [L., a flask; cf. Gr. .] (Anat.) The terminal part of the cochlea in birds and most reptiles; an appendage of the sacculus, corresponding to the cochlea, in fishes and amphibians.

(La*ge"ni*an) a. [See Lagena.] (Zoöl.) Like, or pertaining to, Lagena, a genus of Foraminifera having a straight, chambered shell.

(La*ge"ni*form) a. [See Lagena, and -form.] (Bot.) Shaped like a bottle or flask; flag- shaped.

(La"ger) n. Lager beer.

Lager beer
(La"ger beer`) [G. lager bed, storehouse + bier beer. See Lair, and Beer.] Originally a German beer, but now also made in immense quantities in the United States; — so called from its being laid up or stored for some months before use.

Lager wine
(La"ger wine`) Wine which has been kept for some time in the cellar. Simmonds.

(Lag"gard) a. [Lag + - ard.] Slow; sluggish; backward.

(Lag"gard), n. One who lags; a loiterer.

(Lag"ger) n. A laggard.

(Lag"ging) n.

1. (Mach.) The clothing as of a steam cylinder, applied to prevent the radiation of heat; a covering of lags; — called also deading and cleading.

2. Lags, collectively; narrow planks extending from one rib to another in the centering of arches.

(Lag"ging*ly), adv. In a lagging manner; loiteringly.

(Lag"ly) adv. Laggingly. [Prov. Eng.]

(Lag"o*morph) n. (Zoöl.) One of the Lagomorpha.

(||Lag`o*mor"pha) n. pl. [NL., fr. Gr. a hare + form.] (Zoöl.) A group of rodents, including the hares. They have four incisors in the upper jaw. Called also Duplicidentata.

(La*goon") n. [It. or Sp. laguna, L. lacuna ditch, pool, pond, lacus lake. See Lake, and cf. Lacuna.] [Written also lagune.]

1. A shallow sound, channel, pond, or lake, especially one into which the sea flows; as, the lagoons of Venice.

2. A lake in a coral island, often occupying a large portion of its area, and usually communicating with the sea. See Atoll.

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