(Lac*tam"ic) a. (Chem.) Pertaining to, or designating, an amido acid related to lactic acid, and called also amido-propionic acid.

(Lac*tam"ide) n. [Lactic + amide.] (Chem.) An acid amide derived from lactic acid, and obtained as a white crystalline substance having a neutral reaction. It is metameric with alanine.

(Lac"tant) a. [L. lactans, p. pr. of lactare to suck, fr. lac, lactis, milk.] Suckling; giving suck.

(Lac"ta*rene) n. [L. lac, lactis, milk.] A preparation of casein from milk, used in printing calico.

(Lac"ta*ry) a. [l. lactarius, fr. lac, lactis, milk: cf. F. lactaire.] Milky; full of white juice like milk. [Obs.] "Lactary or milky plants." Sir T. Browne.

(Lac"ta*ry), n. a dairyhouse. [R.]

(Lac"tate) n. [L. lac, lactis, milk: cf. F. lactate.] (Chem.) A salt of lactic acid.

(Lac*ta"tion) n. A giving suck; the secretion and yielding of milk by the mammary gland.

(Lac"te*al) a. [L. lacteus milky, fr. lac, lactis, milk. Cf. Galaxy, Lettuce.]

1. Pertaining to, or resembling, milk; milky; as, the lacteal fluid.

2. (Anat. & Physiol.) Pertaining to, or containing, chyle; as, the lacteal vessels.

(Lac"te*al), n. (Anat.) One of the lymphatic vessels which convey chyle from the small intestine through the mesenteric glands to the thoracic duct; a chyliferous vessel.

(Lac"te*al*ly), adv. Milkily; in the manner of milk.

(Lac"te*an) a. [See Lacteal.]

1. Milky; consisting of, or resembling, milk. "This lactean whiteness." Moxon.

2. (Anat. & Physiol.) Lacteal; conveying chyle.

(Lac"te*ous) a. [See Lacteal.]

1. Milky; resembling milk. "The lacteous circle." Sir T. Browne.

2. Lacteal; conveying chyle; as, lacteous vessels.

(Lac"te*ous*ly), adv. In a lacteous manner; after the manner of milk.

(Lac*tes"cence) n. [Cf. F. lactescence.]

1. The state or quality of producing milk, or milklike juice; resemblance to milk; a milky color.

This lactescence does commonly ensue when . . . fair water is suddenly poured upon the solution.

2. (Bot.) The latex of certain plants. See Latex.

(Lac*tes"cent) a. [L. lactescens, p. pr. of lactescere to turn to milk, incho. fr. lactere to be milky, fr. lac, lactis, milk: cf. F. lactescent.]

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