Keeper of the forest(O. Eng. Law), an officer who had the principal government of all things relating to the forest.Keeper of the great seal, a high officer of state, who has custody of the great seal. The office is now united with that of lord chancellor. [Eng.] — Keeper of the King's conscience, the lord chancellor; — a name given when the chancellor was an ecclesiastic. [Eng.] — Keeper of the privy seal a high officer of state, through whose hands pass all charters, pardons, etc., before they come to the great seal. He is a privy councillor, and was formerly called clerk of the privy seal. [Eng.] — Keeper of a magnet, a piece of iron which connects the two poles, for the purpose of keeping the magnetic power undiminished; an armature.

(Keep"er*ship) n. The office or position of a keeper. Carew.

(Keep"ing), n.

1. A holding; restraint; custody; guard; charge; care; preservation.

His happiness is in his own keeping.

2. Maintenance; support; provision; feed; as, the cattle have good keeping.

The work of many hands, which earns my keeping.

3. Conformity; congruity; harmony; consistency; as, these subjects are in keeping with each other.

4. (Paint.) Harmony or correspondence between the different parts of a work of art; as, the foreground of this painting is not in keeping.

Keeping room, a family sitting room. [New Eng. & Prov. Eng.]

Syn. — Care; guardianship; custody; possession.

(Keep"sake`) n. Anything kept, or given to be kept, for the sake of the giver; a token of friendship.

(Keesh) n. See Kish.

(Keeve) n. [AS. cf, fr. L. cupa a tub, cask; also, F. cuve. Cf. Kive, Coop.]

Keeper to Kerargyrite

(Keep"er) n.

1. One who, or that which, keeps; one who, or that which, holds or has possession of anything.

2. One who retains in custody; one who has the care of a prison and the charge of prisoners.

3. One who has the care, custody, or superintendence of anything; as, the keeper of a park, a pound, of sheep, of a gate, etc.; the keeper of attached property; hence, one who saves from harm; a defender; a preserver.

The Lord is thy keeper.
Ps. cxxi. 6.

4. One who remains or keeps in a place or position.

Discreet; chaste; keepers at home.
Titus ii. 5.

5. A ring, strap, clamp, or any device for holding an object in place; as: (a) The box on a door jamb into which the bolt of a lock protrudes, when shot. (b) A ring serving to keep another ring on the finger. (c) A loop near the buckle of a strap to receive the end of the strap.

6. A fruit that keeps well; as, the Roxbury Russet is a good keeper. Downing.

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