Kipper time, the season in which fishing for salmon is forbidden. [Eng. & Scot.]

(Kip"per), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Kippered ; p. pr. & vb. n. Kippering.] To cure, by splitting, salting, and smoking. "Kippered salmon." Dickens.

(Kip"per), a. Amorous; also, lively; light-footed; nimble; gay; sprightly. [Prov. Eng.] Halliwell.

(Kip"per*nut`) n. (Bot.) A name given to earthnuts of several kinds.

(Kip"skin`) n. [Kip + skin.] Leather prepared from the skin of young or small cattle, intermediate in grade between calfskin and cowhide.

(Kirk) n. [Scot.; cf. Icel. kirkja, of Greek origin. See Church.] A church or the church, in the various senses of the word; esp., the Church of Scotland as distinguished from other reformed churches, or from the Roman Catholic Church. [Scot.] Jamieson.

(Kirked) a. [Etymol. uncertain.] Turned upward; bent. [Obs.] Rom. of R.

(Kirk"man) n.; pl. Kirkmen

1. A clergyman or officer in a kirk. [Scot.]

2. A member of the Church of Scotland, as distinguished from a member of another communion. [Scot.]

(Kirk"yard`) n. A churchyard. [Scot.]

(Kir"mess) n. [D. kermis; cf. G. kirmes; prop., church mass. See Church, and Mass a religious service.] In Europe, particularly in Belgium and Holland, and outdoor festival and fair; in the United States, generally an indoor entertainment and fair combined.

(Kirsch"was`ser) n. [G., fr. kirsche cherry + wasser water.] An alcoholic liquor, obtained by distilling the fermented juice of the small black cherry.

(Kir"some), a. [Corrupted from chrisom.] Christian; christened. [Obs.]

I am a true kirsome woman.
Beau. & Fl.

(Kir"tle) n. [OE. kirtel, curtel, AS. cyrtel; skin to Icel. kyrtill, Sw. kjortel, Dan. kiortel, kiole.] A garment varying in form and use at different times, and worn both by men and women.

Wearing her Norman car, and her kirtle of blue.

The term is still retained in the provinces, in the sense of " an outer petticoat." Halliwell.

(Kir"tled) a. Wearing a kirtle. Byron.

(Ki*rum"bo) n. (Zoöl.) A bird of Madagascar the only living type of a family allied to the rollers. It has a pair of loral plumes. The male is glossy green above, with metallic reflections; the female is spotted with brown and black.

(Kish) n. [Cf. G. kies gravel, pyrites.] (Min.) A workman's name for the graphite which forms incidentally in iron smelting.

(Kis"met) n. [Per. qismat.] Destiny; fate. [Written also kismat.] [Oriental]

2. A salmon split open, salted, and dried or smoked; — so called because salmon after spawning were usually so cured, not being good when fresh. [Scot.]

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