(Zoöl.), the musang.Java sparrow(Zoöl.), a species of finch native of Java, but very commonly kept as a cage bird; — called also ricebird, and paddy bird. In the male the upper parts are glaucous gray, the head and tail black, the under parts delicate rose, and the cheeks white. The bill is large and red. A white variety is also kept as a cage bird.

(Jav`a*nese") a. Of or pertaining to Java, or to the people of Java.n. sing. & pl. A native or natives of Java.

(Jav"el) n. A vagabond. [Obs.] Spenser.

(Jave"lin) n. [F. javeline; akin to Sp. jabalina, It. giavelina, and F. javelot, OF. gavlot. Cf. Gavelock.] A sort of light spear, to be thrown or cast by the hand; anciently, a weapon of war used by horsemen and foot soldiers; now used chiefly in hunting the wild boar and other fierce game.

Flies the javelin swifter to its mark,
Launched by the vigor of a Roman arm?

(Jave"lin), v. t. To pierce with a javelin. [R.] Tennyson.

(Jave`lin*ier") n. A soldier armed with a javelin. Holland.

(Jaw) n. [A modification of chaw, formed under the influence of F. joue the cheek. See Chaw, Chew.]

1. (Anat.) (a) One of the bones, usually bearing teeth, which form the framework of the mouth. (b) Hence, also, the bone itself with the teeth and covering. (c) In the plural, the mouth.

2. Fig.: Anything resembling the jaw of an animal in form or action; esp., pl., the mouth or way of entrance; as, the jaws of a pass; the jaws of darkness; the jaws of death. Shak.

3. (Mach.) (a) A notch or opening. (b) A notched or forked part, adapted for holding an object in place; as, the jaw of a railway-car pedestal. See Axle guard. (b) One of a pair of opposing parts which are movable towards or from each other, for grasping or crushing anything between them, as, the jaws of a vise, or the jaws of a stone-crushing machine.

4. (Naut.) The inner end of a boom or gaff, hollowed in a half circle so as to move freely on a mast.

5. Impudent or abusive talk. [Slang] H. Kingsley.

Jaw bit(Railroad), a bar across the jaws of a pedestal underneath an axle box.Jaw breaker, a word difficult to pronounce. [Obs.] — Jaw rope(Naut.), a rope which holds the jaws of a gaff to the mast.Jaw tooth, a molar or grinder; a back tooth.

(Jaw), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Jawed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Jawing.] To scold; to clamor. [Low] Smollett.

(Jaw), v. t. To assail or abuse by scolding. [Low]

(Jaw"bone`) n. The bone of either jaw; a maxilla or a mandible.

(Jawed) a. Having jaws; - - chiefly in composition; as, lantern-jawed. "Jawed like a jetty." Skelton.

(Jaw"-fall`) n. Depression of the jaw; hence, depression of spirits. M. Griffith

(Jaw"-fall`en) a. Dejected; chopfallen.

(Jaw"foot`) n. (Zoöl.) See Maxilliped.

(Jaw"ing), n. Scolding; clamorous or abusive talk. [Slang] H. Kingsley.

Java cat

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