Japan allspice(Bot.), a spiny shrub from Japan related to the Carolina allspice.Japan black (Chem.), a quickly drying black lacquer or varnish, consisting essentially of asphaltum dissolved in naphtha or turpentine, and used for coating ironwork; — called also Brunswick black, Japan lacquer, or simply Japan.Japan camphor, ordinary camphor brought from China or Japan, as distinguished from the rare variety called borneol or Borneo camphor.Japan clover, or Japan pea(Bot.), a cloverlike plant (Lespedeza striata) from Eastern Asia, useful for fodder, first noticed in the Southern United States about 1860, but now become very common. During the Civil War it was called variously Yankee clover and Rebel clover.Japan earth. See Catechu.Japan ink, a kind of writing ink, of a deep, glossy black when dry.Japan varnish, a varnish prepared from the milky juice of the Rhus vernix, a small Japanese tree related to the poison sumac.

(Ja*pan") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Japanned (ja*pand"); p. pr. & vb. n. Japanning.]

1. To cover with a coat of hard, brilliant varnish, in the manner of the Japanese; to lacquer.

2. To give a glossy black to, as shoes. [R.] Gay.

(Jap`a*nese") a. Of or pertaining to Japan, or its inhabitants.

(Jap`a*nese"), n. sing. & pl.

1. A native or inhabitant of Japan; collectively, the people of Japan.

2. sing. The language of the people of Japan.

(Ja*panned") a. Treated, or coated, with varnish in the Japanese manner.

Japanned leather, leather treated with coatings of Japan varnish, and dried in a stove. Knight.

(Ja*pan"ner) n.

1. One who varnishes in the manner of the Japanese, or one skilled in the art.

2. A bootblack. [R.]

(Ja*pan"ning) n. The art or act of varnishing in the Japanese manner.

(Ja*pan"nish) a. After the manner of the Japanese; resembling japanned articles. Carlyle.

(Jape) v. i. [Prob. from the same source as gab, influenced by F. japper to yelp. See Gab to deceive.] To jest; to play tricks; to jeer. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Jape), v. t. To mock; to trick. Chaucer.

I have not been putting a jape upon you.
Sir W. Scott.

The coy giggle of the young lady to whom he has imparted his latest merry jape.
W. Besant.

(Jap"er) n. A jester; a buffoon. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Ja"nus-head`ed) a. Double- headed.

(Ja*pan") n. [From Japan, the country.] Work varnished and figured in the Japanese manner; also, the varnish or lacquer used in japanning.

(Ja*pan"), a. Of or pertaining to Japan, or to the lacquered work of that country; as, Japan ware.

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