Izard to Izzard

(Iz"ard) n. (Zoöl.) A variety of the chamois found in the Pyrenees.

- ize
(-ize) [F. -iser, L. -izare, Gr. .] A verb suffix signifying to make, to do, to practice; as, apologize, baptize, theorize, tyrannize.

In the case of certain words the spelling with -ise (after analogy with F. -iser) is the usual form; as, catechise, criticise. With regard to most words, however, which have this suffix there is a diversity of usage, some authorities spelling -ise, others (as in this book) - ize.

(Iz"e*di) n. One of an Oriental religious sect which worships Satan or the Devil.

The Izedis or Yezdis, the so-called Devil worshipers, still remain a numerous though oppressed people in Mesopotamia and adjacent countries.

(Iz"e*dism) n. The religion of the Izedis.

(Iz"zard) n. (Zoöl.) See Izard.

(Iz"zard) n. [Formerly ezed, prob. fr. F. et zÉde and z.] The letter z; — formerly so called.

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